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April 01, 2015

Hello lovely readers! I had a wonderful week! A week that kept me quite buzy with nice things - just how I like it, although, sadly, there's still a huge spring storm going on. I really like storm, hail, thunder ... but I am desperately craving for a bit of sun aswell, which allows me to frolick in the forest and watch baby animals. I guess I have to be a bit more patient, and the spring weather will come soon.

At a thrift store I found some gorgeous and colorful fabrics that I turned into turbans. Above is one of them. I love turbans a lot and they were very much into fashion in the 1940s. I am planning to wear turbans often this spring and summer. So cheerful!

At the same thrift store I found this book (called The sexual life) and it's from the 1920s and talks about ... well ... sex and all that comes along with it.

This book, called the sexlife of the moviediva's - dreams and scandals I found on the internet. The book has bad reviews and, reading it, I can see why ... yet I wanted to read it anyway. It's Jean Harlow on the cover by the way, still a minor when the photo was taken.

A new addition to my old Hollywood autograph collection: Margaret Lockwood.

With 8 lady friends, of whom all are into vintage, I went on a shopping spree in our capital city and later that afternoon we had a very elaborate high tea at the teapot museum. The tea and food was só delicious that this date is going to be a monthly thing! Yay!

There were three different tea's served, but I actually drank only one because it was so darn delicious. It's called Sencha Silver flower with Jasmin and rose petals. It didn't need any sweetener because it was quite sweet in itself and you definitely tasted the rose petals. It's soooo good!

And then ... the food was served. Holy mackerel it was good! Three of these tiered stands were served (on the photo you see 2), all with different slices of pie, sandwiches, and quiches. Also platters of scones with cream and jam, and bread were served. It was a very elaborate high tea and definitely a must visit when you're in Amsterdam. The teapot museum's owner is Martin (whom I already knew from our city of birth Apeldoorn) and he dresses in Victorian clothes daily. The address of the teapot museum is Raamsteeg 5 in Amsterdam. Do visit when you're in Amsterdam!

Ofcourse we all had to take a photo before we munched all the delicious treats away. The gorgeous lady on the right, Birthe, also has a blog, which is worth a visit!

So much storm and rain this week!

My mini tiger is prowling around the house with his prey (his favorite toy) whilst meowing loudly. So cute.

Did some Von Follies shopping! Bought the Madame X suspenders, Savoir Faire bra and the Her Sexellency slip (of which I also have the overwire bra - soon to be reviewed on this blog). The Savoir Faire bra looks canary yellow, but it's actually a beautiful Chartreuse!

Best paws in the world!

I love tomato and avocado in combination with coarse celtic seasalt and lots of freshly ground black pepper, olive oil drizzle and goat's cheese. I am having this often for lunch lately.

And another colorful turban!

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  1. My mom and my sister are coming to Holland to visit family, I should send them for tea in their travels because that looks amazing!
    I think of you almost everyday because lately tomato and advacodo salad is all I want this spring after remembering it from your food blog.
    Love your turbans too by the way!
    Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!

    1. I am so glad you like it! You can do so much with avocado - the options are endless!

  2. Kitty paws! So cute :)

  3. You're beautiful as always and what stylish look those turbans!I love them!The perfect fashion choice for this summertime.Figaro it's such beautiful cat,love its paws!!!!

  4. Beautiful snaps! Your turban scarf is so beguilingly lovely.

    I can hardly wait for our first spring thunder storm! We don't get many around here usually (unlike when I lived in Toronto for six years, where they were an uber common spring occurrence), so that makes the ones that do happen all the more special for me.

    Wishing you a joyful Easter long weekend, honey!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much, I really love turbans and they seem perfect to me for this spring and summer. I hope your spring thunder storm comes soon! Our weather over here seems to cheer up a bit, finally!

      Happy easter!


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