My (sad) week in pictures

April 25, 2015

This post does not contain a lot of pictures like usually is the case, this because I had a not so nice week. Sadly I heard the devastating news that someone I know, for 27 years, succumbed to cancer in the most painful way. He had also just turned 50. Way too young. His life, however, was inspiring, and he was so enormously brave! Defeated cancer twice! He was adventurous; always travelling or giving those who need it a helping hand. His enthusiasm so contagiously, and his friendly face and laugh always cheered me up. He loved people for who they were and he had friends of all ages. He lived a fast life full of action, a life we all can learn from. I know that he wanted to do so much more, and this knowledge makes his sad ending only more painful. Yesterday was his cremation; it touched me a lot and had me in tears when the bagpipe player in mourning dress played Amazing Grace. His cremation only emphasized how extremely loved he was: there were more than 350 people present, and to Dutch standards that is a lot.

I could not sleep last night, and when I did I had nightmares. Death is something I just cannot, and will not, accept even though I know I simply have to. There's nothing you can do against it and sooner or later it'll happen to all of us. Scary thought, isn't it?

Let's see what little things I did and liked!

This woman was my #WCW I shared on my Instagram!

Nothing soothes my soul more than a good meditation and Yoga session. Candles galore when I do so.

Now that it's spring I really craved juicy strawberries with cream! Oh, I enjoyed it so much!

What I also enjoyed was the serie Outlander. Wonderful story, and magnificent and ethereal music. 
If you haven't seen it already, then promise you would soon! You will not regret it!

For my blog I wrote a review about the Her Sexellency bra by Dita von Teese.

Siebe, a friend of Ben and me, came to visit and view our house. It was a lovely day, and ofcourse we showed Siebe around in beautiful Zutphen.

Finally received this package with this comic book. I am not much of a comic book fan, but my longtime friend from Mexico, Spike Valentine, is the writer of one of the stories in this booklet. Suffice to say I am very proud and was eager to read it. He was so kind to sign it, as you can see on the cover.

I started to read this disturbing novel from 1928. It's not for the faint, I daresay!

I am very much into succulent decor, and this one in particular looks so very beautiful! Succulents were very popular in the 1930s household.

After the cremation I went home with my grandmother to have a cup of coffee (always a good comforting beverage) and made friends with this (very) tiny little lady, in grandma's garden. Her name is Sheba. She's a fully grown cat, but has the size of a kitten.

My boyfriend really knows what stores and gifts I love and came home with a gift ... just because!

In it was a spiral slicer! I wanted to buy one for ages but never quite got to it. Thanks to my attentive boyfriend with a good memory, I now have one. I love cooking, as most of you already know, and things like this make cooking more fun than it already is!

I am so happy that Game of Thrones has started again! In my opinion it's one of the better series out there and, like most of us GoT fans, I néver skip the intro. I am in love with that intro music! I also like Tyrion Lannister best! ;-)

Made these delicious 'Indian' pizza's for dinner! Not too heavy on the stomach and very simple and quick to make.

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  1. I'm so sad for your loss Lindsay.A strong hug to you

  2. Would it be too little to say simply that i understand?
    death is a funny thing, it's been hovering a bit for this 2015, but do know that i'll keep you and yours in my prayers.

  3. Oh... my sweet Lindsay, I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Death is indeed a strong cut and although we know it makes part of life, never feels right. I usually take a long time to process the pain of a loss like that. As you know, my father passed away last year and it is a slow long process for me. There are no words that I can say to you to make it easier, as you know. But get to know that I'm sympathetic with you and get you in my prayers (as always!) :) .

    Strong hug,
    Beta xxxx

    1. Thank you my sweet friend, your words delight me to no end! I don't pray, but know that you are in my thoughts aswell!

  4. Sweet Lindsay, I'm deeply sorry about your loss. My thoughts and heart are with you during your grief. As always, please know that I'm here if you need someone to talk to about anything in the world.

    Countless gentle hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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