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March 13, 2015

Life is awefully kind to me lately and I am on top of it; everything is going smoothly. I have learned a few valuable life lessons that have changed my view on the world and helped me a great deal. I am practising Metta (which comes from Buddhism) since a very short time and it's worth looking into! Ben and I are also still very buzy with decorating our home and, wow, do I love every bit of it. Even the less desirable chores!

In my life I have known a lot of anxiety and never a safe haven, really. Those who have also experienced this feeling, know how utterly important it is to find a safe haven, and you definitely know it when you found it. When my lovely significant other and I moved into our first home together, it was nice at first but quickly became a horror house that weighed too heavy on our shoulders - and even relationship. The place just didn't feel right and we had a very, very, very creepy and deceiving landlord. You could feel the pain in that house from years and years ago. It's, for one, a house with a holocaust history: an entire family deported to and died in Auschwitz. I wasn't walking down the same stairs the family walked (with panting, shouting Germans in their neck) so joyfully anymore. Plus, our landlord constantly walked in on us, eavesdropped us, and one time even walked in on me standing in the bathroom, ánd came into our house when we were not there. We found out about this when he forgot to take his noteblock with him. But that is all behind us now, and we have learned a lot from it.

Finding our safe haven and luck ...
Ben and I don't have any debts (which is highly unusual for people our age in my country), but if we would have stayed in that place, we would get debts without any doubt; Ben and I are not poor, but the apartment was too expensive, for too little space. So, you understand, that was one of the reason to leave our first home and move to something better.  September last year we found something bigger and cheaper and in an instant I knew it: this is my safe haven. I am so proud of our house and what it became so far. We have amazing neighbours, who all share the same view on the world, we've all gone through similar horrible things in our life. These people are artistic, gifted with musical instruments and are people who have travelled the world; they have so many stories to tell. One of our neighbors was a journalist and photographer when he was younger; he travelled through 160 cities, and brought out two artistic nude photography books in his birthcountry, although these were quickly banned due to the fascistic apartheidregime (apart-hood regime, the state of being apart) going on in South Africa. Ben and I are now amongst people we want to be surrounded with; Ben makes music with them every tuesday - and that's great. It's beautiful. There's so much creativity and positivity - it's amazing and, luckily, very contagious.

Not too long ago I was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling with a big grin, and I was thinking that we are darn lucky with this house and the people we are surrounded with. I am lucky that we can enjoy our home without the heavy weight of debts on our shoulders, we are lucky to have sumptuous meals on the table every evening, which I cook with a lot of creativity and love. We live in a chic neighborhood, in an amazingly beautiful hanseatic city. So for me, with this insight, there was a lot to love. Let's have a look!

1. Seagrass (vases, carpet, etc)
I love seagrass everything. It screams coastal chic to me, and coastal chic is exactly what I want to achieve for the bedroom. The former house owner painted the bedroom walls pastel blue, and that's a lovely color, but not for bedroom walls. So we have to work on that, and I want to achieve the color palette pictured above. What the former house owner also left behind was a ridiculous carpet of navy blue pluche ... not exactly what I want to have in my bedroom either. I'd love to have a seagrass carpet - pictured above. So that's what we aim for: a coastal chic bedroom.

2. Aloë Vera
In this post I showed you that I finally found Aloë Vera. Well, I had to order it from the internet, actually, since Zutphen doesn't have any garden centers (Zutphen, please ...) and the few shops that sell plants told me that it really is a plant you have to order from the internet. So that's what I did, reluctantly ofcourse ... cause would it come in its entirety or ... bruised? It arrived in its perfect shape and it looks amazing in our house. It does need a lot of sunlight, but we are not short of that with our many windows.

I am planning to use this plant for its health benefit purposes, but I am sure to order a few more just for the decorational beauty that it is.

3. Metta
Metta is the philosophy and practice of universal love and comes from Buddhism. And to be honest; it's refreshing and relieving to live your life this way. You probably know the saying "Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies." It really says something important, don't you think? I simply refuse to let others have the reigns over my life, and hating others, or feeling resentment, only takes its toll on you. It's great and relieving to really wish others a good life, for in that way you can live a life full of peace and love aswell. Think about it!

4. Carmen Dell'Orefice
Carmen is world's oldest working supermodel. She began working as a model at age 15 and she is still going strong at age 83. My goodness whát a stunning and inspiring woman. Her quote on the picture is one of my life motto's. It's really important not wanting to be someone else, but to live your life as yourself and be creative and true to yourself. You can, in my opinion, never be authentic when you want to be someone else. You can never find creativity if you want to be someone else and you just don't life live to the fullest when (you guess it) you are trying to be someone you're not. 

But anyway, Carmen is a magnificent woman and you should look her up on the internet: she even looks gorgeous without being photoshopped for modelling photos! ;-)

5. This quote!
I found this quote by my lovely friend Myrtle, and it says everything about how I think of other women. You know, today we live in a society that tries to set women against eachother, and I simply refuse to have a part in that. Why be jealous of the successes another woman makes?! I am so proud of my hardworking female friends who reach their desired success. They deserve it, for heaven's sake, and there is not one fiber in my body that is jealous. You see ... if you want to reach your friend's success for yourself: work hard for it and don't whine about it on the sideline! Be happy for another woman and what she accomplishes, and in the meantime: work on your own successes! 

6. The fragrance line of Dita von Teese
If you follow my "Peek in my week" posts, you see that lately I have been stacking up on the fragrances of Dita von Teese. I love áll of them, and all represent a certain mood; her first fragrance sets the mood for glamour, Rouge sets the mood for seduction, Fleur teese sets the mood for romance and Erotique sets the mood for being erotic. Erotique is my favorite, because it's a unique fragrance with leather tones and Bulgarian rose - among delicious others. Fleur teese will be worn a lot when spring arrives, I can tell you that.

7. Carmen Miranda's music
... and especially the song A weekend in Havana. This is the perfect music to set the tone for summer. Picture it: a Daiquiri in your hand, the smell of Havana cigars, a soft summer breeze, the sun and upbeat music! Love it!

8. The diary of Anaïs Nin.
Anaïs Nin is a huge inspiration to me. I love her female erotica books, her way of writing, her individualism, her bohemian lifestyle. At the moment I am reading her volume 1 diary, which spans the period of 1931 to 1934, and everything she writes makes you feel as if you are there, in that moment. And that's what I love. Anaïs lived a life that I crave so much, and I enjoy her diaries a lot. It goes up to 7 volumes, so there's a lot to read and enjoy for me yet.

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  1. What a wonderful post, sweet Lindsay. My heart smiles to hear that you're currently in a positive place in your life and hope that that this continues for you for ages.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much lovely Jessica! <3 To you I wish the same!

  2. Lindsay,
    I am so pleased to hear that you are doing well. Reading about your smile, about your joyful moments - made me ever so happy.


    1. Thank you ever so much dear <3

  3. Dear Lindsay, I'm so happy that you and Ben are finally in your well deserved nest. I cannot believe that you lived this terror in the other house. How is it possible to have a landlord that appears like that and with you not present in the house! Seriously, I can't believe it... Anyway, I suppose it had to get to those proportions to make you go into a different direction, to a place that is truly yours and where you belong :-) .

    I'm so happy you are meditating and based on love. I couldn't live without my spiritual side being fed. For people with a life full of tribulations (specially of the past), need it for mental sanity.

    Goodness, you have 2 powerful Carmens here! The model is an amazing strong women, what inspirational strong minded and beautiful lady. The second, my sweet Carmen Miranda, portuguese born and raised in Brazil, colorful, cheerful and full of grace. I wish I could read more about her.

    And Anaïs Nin! Another strong women. I read Anaïs Nin when I was a young teenager, and I was crazy about her. Should be time to read again. I love her poetic side of seeing and describing what surround her.

    I want to wish you a wonderful and inspiring week darling girl :-)

    Beta x

    1. Thanks so much lovely lady. Your message made my whole day, it's always lovely to hear from you.

      There was so much wrong in our former house, we really had to get away if we wanted to keep our sanity. It made me really, really anxious - even to that extend that I am still carrying a load of it with me. Hopefully some day it will pass.

      I wish you the same, miss!


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