Peek in my week (lots of photos)

March 09, 2015

Finally I am completely back on the mend from the flu and you have no idea how happy I am about that. I really dislike being ill, especially since I had so much to do. Being in bed all day is not my cup of tea. I like being active.

It was a busy week with a lot of calling to there and calling to here and then there again, and also a lot of travelling, and making appointments for events where I'll give a glamorous performance (I am not kidding, it's what I am asked to do!) If you are in the Netherlands, do come visit me in Delden on April 4, or in Beekbergen  May 5. The upcoming months are going to be just wonderful!

I had a gréat hair day and wanted to show it to you ;-)! I used a different set than I usually have ...

... to get the desired dent in the hair in back. I used the largest of sponge rollers and I was surprised how well it went.

Fleur teese was the only fragrance by Dita von Teese I didn't had yet, so I ordered it from Ebay and it arrived very quickly (I like it when my packages arrive quickly) and it is just thé perfect scent for spring. Its top notes are Casablanca lily, Sambac Jasmine, bergamot, iris, lilac, heliotrope, sandalwood, cedar and Musk. The fragrance is véry soft, romantic and safe. Definitely a great scent for upcoming spring. I can't wait to wear this in combination with floral frocks. Get your own bottle of Fleur teese: Dita Von Teese Fleur Teese EDT 20 ml

Quite the actionshot of my lovely cat Figaro

I've been looking for Aloe Vera for quite some time and finally found it. I love it and I am planning to really use its healing power. Now, if only I could find me the right planter for it ....

Our local supermarket came with something new: collectable indoor mini vegetable gardens, which I call my indoor Victory Gardens ;-). It's a leek and spinach by the way.

My lovely mother in law gifted me these gorgeous summer gloves (together with another pair and earrings from the 1930s) that belonged to her own mother. She always kept them carefully, but decided to give them to me. I see this as a precious gift and I feel so accepted. I have a wonderful family in law. And that's a first!

I started the "Healthy You" diet and the book contains many lovely, healthy recipes. On day 1 of the diet I made this delicious Frittata for lunch.

In this post I told you about the glamorous cocktail party I am gonna host, and what I totally forgot, is that I have the perfect booklet for it to use for my cocktail party. This booklet is from the 1930s and contains alcoholic and N/A cocktail recipes. It's so great! The title means: What shall we drink?

Oh glorious spring!! I really can't wait for it anymore.

A beautiful walk along the river the Ijssel.

And on the water! Zutphen is só beautiful and it's my home. I am so blessed.

Ben and I wanted to sniff some culture and went to the ruins of the Spanish gate. As a good "tourist" befits: a photo!

Just look at all this gorgeous-ness

Every sunday it's indulgence day. Treating myself to a chocolate muffin. It even tasted better than it looks. Yummy!

Am I the only one who thinks of these kind of places as some sort of creepy crimescene? No? Just me?
Alright, as you were!


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  1. Lindsay,
    I'm happy to hear that you are doing better. I know how exhausting the flu can be. I'm glad that you have made this photos, they have made my day a bit lighter. :)

    Just in case you feel like watching something - hop over to my blog and follow the link.. there's a silent film I'm sure you haven't seen, and t might intrigue you. :)


  2. Oooh, that perfume looks and sounds smashing. I've very particular about the scents I wear and usually stick with my favourites for life once they become such (assuming they're still manufactured), but that doesn't mean I won't try new ones out. I haven't even so much as smelled any of Dita's perfumes yet. I'll have to see if I can find a stockist who sells them here in our part of the province. Who knows, maybe this could be my new scent, too.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. It's really lovely ... not my favorite, but very lovely. A real spring scent. I am very difficult with fragrances and which ones should represent me. I've tried a lot but not many stuck with me. Dita's fragrances do represent me and hopefully one day they'll be available in my country too, so I don't have to order them from another country.


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