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March 23, 2015

Thank goodness this week was not so hectic as my weeks can sometimes be! Ben is back on the mend (thanks from the both of us to you all who wished him well) and we decided to have an easy, laidback week; have long walks, make music, write poetry, go out to photograph, etcetera. Spring has officially arrived, even though on the first day of spring, it was pouring with rain in Zutphen. I was a bit dissapointed, but then, when I looked out of my windows, I realized that Zutphen is still very beautiful in the rain. I didn't had to go out anyway, so I grabbed a book, a big cup of tea and sat reading next to a warm burning fire in a comfortable chair.

Later that week the sun was shining, and we took this opportunity to have long strolls along Victorian mansions whilst dreaming of owning such a house ourselves someday. Though, we really can't complain with the house we have now: a 20th century mansion, hello!

Annnnd strike a pose! Ready to go out for the appointment I had that day! With a good hairday!

Wearing my favorite original 1940s shoes! These are so divine. It was a hell to break them in, but it was so worth it!

The cutest feet on earth, the fuzzy paws of my cat! I had to take a picture! What a dandy!

An inspiring picture of Lee Miller, taken by dadaïstic photographer Man Ray. Lee Miller was a surrealistic photographer and also Man Ray's mistress and model.

Another picture I loved to share! Yes, this is really a picture. It's taken by František Drtikol. At the end of his photographic career, he used to cut out tiny wooden figurines and take photos of it. This is one of them. Lovely, lovely, lovely! 

Benjamin finally back on the mend after suffering bouts of fever. Aww, happy us <3 p="">

Figaro was as happy as I was with the sun!

I had an exceptional hairday!

My #WCW was Felicity Jones! She's so gorgeous, and I love her unique feature: her teeth.

I shared a throwback thursday photo of me from 2011. A selfportrait I made that was inspired by the stunning work of photographer Dora Kallmus. A year later I found my photo on several websites saying it was the original of Dora Kallmus. Although a really big compliment, it had to be rectified ofcourse. You can find the photo in its entirety here.

I love what tropical plants do to your ceiling. I love such shadows; it gives our house something mysterious in the evening.

I made this sumptuous raspberry brie dessert pizza, with candied almonds. I love fruit pizza's and this one is now one of my favorites. Click here for the recipe.

I love the silence Victorian graveyards have. I often come here to write some poetry, do some drawing and sketching, or write in my diary. It's a huge graveyard with some very, very important people of the Victorian times; barons and baronesses, I love it.

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  1. Again, I must say: you have had an interesting week.
    I'm glad Ben is OK (I'm waving "hello" to him) and I'm happy to hear that you two had such a lay.back days (sure, I envy you, sonce my week was more that bizzy - but not privately).
    The image of both of you is adorable, and Imust say: you have captured quite a good snap of Figaro, dear.

    You know, I send the link to your ATELIER MANASSÉ blgo post to my brother . and it+s one of those rare moments when he liked something vintage. :)


    1. Thanks Marija, he waves back to you! Figaro is very photogenic, such a lovely little chap!

      Atelier Mannasé is one of my favorite surrealist photographers, it's so amazing!

  2. aw, you're noble little kitty. i have to say i do love how you enjoy these little things like the shadows of plants and graveyard walks

    1. I always say that it's the small things that matter!

  3. What a full, wonderfully interesting week and array of happenings. I'm smitten with that Victorian graveyard. I've never been frightened or put off by cemeteries, quite the contrary, and will be pulled to spend a lot of time, there, too, if I lived nearby.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I have to walk a small 40 minutes to get to the graveyard, but it's so worth it!

  4. Your hair looks perfect in the first photo! Beautiful wave lines. I think soft lines like pageboy style could suit me better than many curls, since my hair is so straight, but I have so much to practice (it could help if I find the perfect hair product). I just melted with Figaro cute paws (and yours 40s shoes paws too!)!! :o) Too cuuute! <3

    Felicity Jones has such a doll teeth! I love when teeth don't look so perfect lined, it can be beautiful but many times boring. I'm glad that you featured here something different ;-)

    Goodness! You "SELF" portrait that amazing photograph inspired by Dora Kallmus work?? Amazing job. You always have this ability to transform yourself for this stunning works (I don't even recognize Lindsay there!), a pure bless. This photo means a lot of work done, and you done it all by yourself, beautifully, the entire process. Lindsay you are a talented artist! You should have your own Studio and make art.

    What an inspiring place that graveyard. I could sit there for hours and create something beautiful for sure. Is like the plant shadows in our house too, I love them so much, I usually look at them and meditate so much, sometimes draw them or photograph them, it's very special. I'm also moved by small tiny things of life that hits me profoundly.

    I'm so glad you both feel better now! Have a wonderful week :-)


    1. Oh dear Miss Beta, you have no idea what a joy your message brought me! My teeth are alike to those of Miss Jones, and it took me a really long time to accept them, but eventually I did.

      Your remark about my being an artist, oh it makes me so shy but so happy, and I am glad that you can enjoy the small things in life ... like me.


  5. Lovely pictures, as always. Glad to hear everyone is on the mend. xx Erin


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