Inspiring: František Drtikol [ Photography ]

March 17, 2015

This week was, I daresay, again, very hectic. Somehow Benjamin got a virus infection and, two days ago, he got fever as well. In the middle of the night, at 03.00 to be precise, I was awoken by a lot of heat coming from Ben and I knew he was not feeling well; I checked his forehead .. it was way too hot. The fever kept rising. Poor Ben. He was feeling extremely miserable and I decided to call the ER and they said to come by immediately. In the cold and early spring hours, I wrapped him up as a mummy and drove to the hospital; the wrong way because of the nerves. I don't live that long in Zutphen yet, and I hadn't been to the hospital before in my new hometown. Luckily Ben was being treated quickly and he now has to take 4 pills a day for a week to treat the virus infection - he is starting to feel much better already. The infection came as a surprise for us, and quite sudden too since we both had the American flu (it's what my country calls it) a couple of weeks ago, for quite a long period.

However, the same evening of the hospital visit, Ben's fever was rising again and he was shivering like a leaf; I made some ginger, honey and lemon tea (which helps against the shivering; really ... try it) and decided I would stay awake and take care of him. Tough, because I was very tired, but you do what you think is necessary to make it as comfortable as possible for a sick loved one. I caught up on some sleep the following day.

Fortunately enough I had a free day today and I wanted to catch up on some relaxation: I decided to stay in the house as much as possible, wander around barefoot, unkempt morning curls, a satin underdress and a satin kimono, but eventually, around lunch time, I decided to go out to have a lunch and ordered a delicious French panini and a French coffee at a cute bistro near our home. Pure bliss, I tell you!

Despite the hectic days, my bohémianesque creativity and imagination were flaring up and needed to be fed. I found some vision-pleasing, characteristical work of Czech photographer František Drtikol. František actually wanted to become a painter, but his father chose photography as a direction for him. I think that, in his photography work, you can well see that he has actually a love for painting and this creates a highly unique way of photography; he had is own unique style. Yet, he later gave up photography to eventually concentrate on painting, though in his final stage of photographic work, he created compositions of small, elongated carved figurines which symbolically expressed various themes from Buddhism.

I wanted to share with you a couple of my favorite photos of his inspiring work. Let's have a look!

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  1. Good evening Lindsay.
    First and foremost: I hope Ben will get well soon, and that he'll be "up and running" in no time; so that the "flu-episode" becomes nothing bit a vague memory.
    As for František's photography (I was first stunned to see "š" in your post name, since I know that letter exists only in our language(s)... now: the photography is amazing. Honestly, I like it a lot. The hue, the dimmed look, the distortion and somewhat blurry vision - makes an unbelievable effect (and I, for one, am not afraid to say: those are some particularly good nudes). So: thank you for sharing this.
    Give my best to Ben.

    ..and what a great way to "wind down", dear!


    1. Thank you sweetheart, I have just given him your best wishes and he says thank you! Fortunately he feels much better already, and now I am crossing my fingers and hope I won't go down the same path. He was ill first, then me, and now him again.

      Anyway, the photography is splendid, I love the way of photography from the 1930s so much. Man Ray, Dora Kallmus etc. And the nudes are done in an artistic way, so that's always a plus!

      Have a lovely week!

  2. Oh dear, what a long and stressful week that must have been for both of you. I'm very sorry to hear that Ben has been ill and wish him a speedy, complete recovery.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Oh sweet Lindsay, how noble your heart is to stay up all night looking after your beloved one. I hope Ben finds total recover and you too.

    I always get blown away by the artists/photographers you introduce me in your blog. It's amazing their creativity, I love them. Very smart :-)

    Beta x

    1. Thank goodness, he feels much better! Thanks so much Miss Beta!

      I am glad you enjoy these works of art <3


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