Hollywood Household Hints: Ginny Simms | Weekly feature

"Ginny Simms is building a new house out in the valley north of Hollywood, and - like any good housewife - is engaged in handwork for the new place. Her current effort is a set of gay luncheon mats made of heavy cotton, each mat edged with cotton beading. Through the beading, Ginny is running bright rickrack, a different color for each mat."

© Spokane Daily Chronicle - 1942


  1. Hello there, dear Lindsay!
    Thank you ever so much for sharing these wonderful articles, they will truly come in hand, one day (hopefully soon) when I move into my own... oups, that's a secret. :)

    Another thing:


  2. That sounds lovely - place mats are too often overlooked both a restaurants (save for the cheap paper variety - and even they aren't all that common any more) and at home these days. I have sets of various colours and styles and set one of them almost anytime I'm serving food at our dining table.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I actually don't have any, but I am searching for the perfect set. Though what I have in mind is nowhere to find. Perhaps it should encourage me to try and make my own!


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