French Chansons on sunday

March 03, 2015

Sunday is, without fail, my relaxation day; starting with an elaborate breakfast for two, getting my engine running by a strong cup of coffee and reading the newspaper in silence ... all without having to think of important, stressful appointments, and so forth. After my breakfast I practise some Yoga or Pilates and meditation and have a home-spa including a DIY sauna.

What I also love to do on sundays, is just drape myself glamorously on our divan, and listen to beautiful music on our 1920s record player, whilst sipping a N/A cocktail or a Chardonnay, nibbling on chocolate bonbons, and leafing through film magazines from the 1930s and 1940s (it's that I don't smoke, otherwise I'd may also smoke a cigarette in a long bakelite cigarette holder, ha!) 

Our record player mostly plays music of composers such as Bach or Tchaikovsky, but last sunday it were French chansons - Edith Piaf to be precise.

May way of relaxing may sound bombastic to you, but I love it and it makes me feel relaxed and glamorous. After such a day, I can face a new and fresh week feeling anew, and I really need it with all the midweek stress I encounter. Whatever works for you to face the world, right?

How do you love to spend sundays?

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  1. Far from sounding bombastic, that's weekend heaven for a homebody like me, too. I live for days like that and treasure (and need!) them all the more since opening my Etsy shop last year and suddenly finding myself working two full-time vintage related jobs with, peskily, the same number of hours still in the workweek. :D

    You're making me wish it was Sunday again right now, dear gal. Until the next one... :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yay, I am not the only one then! I am glad your Etsy shop is going great (atleast I guess it does, as you're working so hard!)

      I am longing for sunday again, too!

  2. Your Sunday sounds like heaven! A diva one :)
    You look stunning on this photo sweet Lindsay!

    Beta x

  3. Your Sunday's sound fantastic! I think Sundays should be spent lazing about and getting rested for the week ahead. I normally spend mine with my family at one of our favourite coffee shops, quietly sipping a latte and reading the fluffy sections of the newspaper (style, arts, travel, etc).

    1. Thank you so much Kate, yours sound great, too!


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