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February 16, 2015

Next month in march, a year ago, I started to collect newspaper fragments that had personal beauty hints of old Hollywood stars, popular in the 1930s, written on them. I love beauty hints of the olden glamour days, and I loved trying them myself when I had my sunday home-spa. Some advices worked great for me and I implemented them in my beauty routine, and others didn't do anything for me.

Sadly, without myself knowing it, I had already written the last piece of advice, given by Vivian Tobin, down and there wasn't any My Beauty Hint left anymore for last sunday.

I really enjoyed writing these, so I was a bit sad to find out that it was done! But I think it's also a nice opportunity to start a new weekly feature on this blog, but I am not sure yet what it will be. Perhaps my own beauty hints?

Do you want to read the stars' beauty hints again? Then click on this link and you will find them all! I hope they gave you as much pleasure as they gave me!

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  1. oh how the year has flown! i do/did enjoy star's beauty tips. so full of old and timeless glamour. but i still cannot believe it's been a whole year. well done and thank you!

    1. Yes, it has flown so ridiculously fast ... I wonder where time has gone!

  2. My word, has it really been a full year already? These posts have been so enjoyable and informative. I loved seeing the things I shared in common with these stars of the past and learning a few new tricks and tips in the process.

    It will be equally fun to see you new post series.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yep, I was réally surprised myself when I checked the archive to see when I posted the first one. Unbelievable how time flies!


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