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February 24, 2015

I thought that it was time to do another round of things that I am absolutely loving lately. Ben and myself are very buzy finishing our house, even though the both of us were heavily felled by the flu that is present in our (and other) countries for a véry long time already. When I was not sleeping and thinking I was dying from the flu, I was moodboarding (for real, no pinterest) about what I want our home to look like. The bathroom is nearly finished and has now a home-spa look to it, which I só love. Thick, soft white towels, rattan laundry basket, green plants, moroccan latern tealight holders, and very dark colonial wooden shelves which compliments the green of the tropical plants and the white towels. Our bathroom looks really cozy, especially since I have tealights burning there almost every evening. The kitchen is also being taken on, but there has a lot that needs to be done, aswell as in the living room.

1. British Colonial interior style

Ben and I both réally love the British Colonial style, which reached it peak in popularity in the 19th and early 20th century. Even as a kid I always loved those British colonial interiors of the 1910's and 1920s; it tells you something of the pioneer's life - which I réally love. The travels they made and the souvenirs they brought home ... it's gorgeous. Dark wood and green tropical plants, rattan, traveler's trunks as decor, sun helmet's on the wall ... and not to forget wooden shutters. We are aiming for this style in our living room and hopefully we can decorate it with authentic 1920s furniture, traveler's souvenirs, etc. I love dark wood, tropical plants, and these things compliment our large and high white walls and black antique fireplace.

Go to my British Colonial Pinterest board.

2. Monarchy - Disintegration
Although I am very picky with electronical bands, I really like Monarchy and especially their album Around the sun (2011). In 2013 they teamed up with Dita von Teese and made a lovely song, with a sexy clip about .. well .. sex deprivation! The song is on repeat here.

3. Argan oil for haircare.
My hair got quite the shock when I suddenly decided to change my haircolor from platina blonde to red and eventually to dark brown. My hair looked dreadful, until I stumbled upon the useful tip of using Moroccan argan oil. So I bought the best I could find and, indeed, it works miracles on my hair!

4. Fennel roasted carrots with shallots & sesame seeds.
My absolute favorite salad that I usually have as lunch . Before I fell ill with the flu I found out about this recipe on Pinterest and made it the same day; it became and instant favorite of me. I was really craving it all the time when I was ill, but I had no energy to cook whatsoever. Now that I am on the right road to being back on the mend I prepared this again today for lunch. The fennel roasted carrots in combination with the blood orange drizzle is só good. For the recipe go to Dash of Nostalgia.
5. Plate to Pixel
This book, written by Helene Dujardin is absolutely wonderful! I am studying hard to become a good food photographer, especially now that I am a food blogger since 2013, and someday hopefully I'll be making money as a food photographer. This book is definitely a must have when you have such goals.

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  1. Isn't roasted fennel fantastic? I like to mix some in, if I have leftovers, with stuffing for chicken or even a turkey sometimes.

    Fun post, sweet gal. I hope you're having a great last week of February!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh that sounds really delicious, might try that soon!
      I wish you the same, Jessica!

  2. I have been interested by the British colonial style as well! My mother's taste in furniture sometimes reminds me of it, and I get a feeling of India, in the early 19th century. I always loved The Secret Garden as a little girl, especially the 1993 film, and I was always so fascinated by the aesthetic of the beginning scenes in India.
    Your bathroom sounds so great. I can't wait to one day have a place of my own just so I can have the most luxurious bathroom possible!

    1. Yes!!! That movie is among my favorites, it's so lovely and as a child I was dreaming to find a garden like that, where I would spend most of my time. I have been actually looking for such places but I guess the Netherlands doesn't offer so much beauty!

      Luxurious bathrooms are important, I think. It's one of the places where I relax the most.

  3. Argan Oil is THE best! I use it often for my dry hair and in our dry Canadian winters! xx


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