A peek in my week ( + promised basement picture)

February 27, 2015

I can tell you beforehand that this is not going to be a thrilling post of photos, since I am still ill. I suffer from what we call in the Netherlands "the American flu". It's called like that, because this type of mutated flu caused a pandemic in the USA first and then blew over to my country. Everyone around me is ill with this flu. Every year I have to get a flu vaccin since I am at special risk due to my asthma, but I didn't went to the doctor the last time to get it; I am of believe that the flu vaccin is kind of nonsense. It didn't matter anyway, because they hadn't counted on this flu and was not included in the vaccin and therefore, if at all, did not prevent people from getting the flu.

My lovely significant other was felled by the flu first, heavily, and I was quite surprised that I wasn't. I have a very low resistance, but in the second week of Ben being very ill, I started to feel flu symptoms coming up aswell; a headache I have never felt before! Muscles started to ache and my throat was sore, nauseau and diziness galore. And there you had it! I was felled by flu, too. And ofcourse this happens when I couldn't afford to be bedridden. I was trying with everything in me to get better as soon as possible, though it didn't work .. the flu has his own agenda.

I hate staying in bed all day, it makes my legs restless and it feels as if the walls are coming to me. That's why I hardly stay in bed when ill, but I really had to with this American flu. Still, as stubborn as I am, I tried to act as if I wasn't affected by the flu and invited guests over for the weekend, went shopping for our house, did some chores and such ... and sadly that made me even more ill. I really had to take a step back. Well, watching a lot of old movies, read books and draw a lot is what I did.

I am still not back on the mend; this flu is unbelievably dogged and not only with me, but Ben is also still feeling ill after 3 weeks, my grandmother is ill for 4 weeks and other people around me are also ill longer than a week. I am at 2,5 week. Sigh! I have so much to do so, please cross your fingers that I am feeling much better soon! This headache is killing me!

Anyway, I haven't made stellar photos, but I did make a couple. So let's see what my week looked like apart from the sight of my bed!

I felt really restless at some point, and I decided to hang Ingrid Bergman's autograph on the wall of our Hollywood autograph hallway. It looks só gorgeous and this hallway is one of my prides in our stunning 19th century, big house.

A new family member! Pretty girl isn't she? Ella is an adopted dog from foundation Idemo and she's a traumatized dog from Croatia. She's a gorgeous Cocker Spaniël and so, so, so sweet!

A better picture of Ella I made that same day:
Gorgeous, isn't she, with her pink "diamond" collar? 

I finally found what I was looking for for so long! This summer I will be hosting a glamorous vintage cocktail party, and to avoid people getting their cocktail glasses confused with someone elses, you click these numbers on the glass and you can recognize yours! This is an antique box, dating pre-ww2, and it's complete! I am so in heaven with these and they are a great addition to my glamorous vintage cocktail party!

Even though I was ill and my appetite was nowhere to be found, there had to be food on the table. My boyfriend is culinairy impaired, which means getting food on the table always depends on me - ill or not. I was not planning to cook extensively, and I made this easy-peasy recipe of naanbread pizza's with vegetarian meatloaf, grilled vegetable bruschetta topping, tomatoes and feta cheese. It took me 10 minutes to prepare this and it was so good! If you want the recipe, then leave a message below and I'll give it to you!

Again, ill or not I cannot sit still. I wanted to bring the finishing touches to our bathroom and wanted to show Instagram that I am absolutely smitten with this Moroccan latern tealight. I love this home spa-y feel to it.
Every evening I have the tealights burning in the bathroom. Coziness all around!

Although relatively early, I could not resist buying these chocolate easter eggs! Don't laugh at the stacked towels in the back; they were about to be thrown away! They have been replaced with spa towels!

Le curious cat Figaro! Isn't he to die for? <3 nbsp="">

I have been stacking up on the fragrants of Dita von Teese. Usually I am so against celebrity perfumes, since they are all made by the same company and all smell the same - a horrible scent by the way. But Dita didn't work with this company and had supervision of her own perfumes; she made it the way shé wanted. And you can smell and see that. I feel that her fragrances represent me the best of all modern fragrances out there, if I am not wearing vintage perfumes. I must add that Fleurteese (according to the reviews her least popular perfume) is also on its way to me.

I already have her scent Erotique x 3, which is absolutely not for good, cutesy girls. It's raw sex and seduction in a bottle. But I don't always want to wear that leathery, raw seductive smell, and I thought that Rouge would do well on other days; the smell throws you back to the 1930s! Plus, it looks really good on my vanity table. The bottle (and scent) is reminiscent to those of the 1920s and 1930s. Good job, Dita! The smell is so good! Its top notes contain orange, bergamot, pink pepper, smoked Lapsang Souchong tea, magnolia, woody tones and raw amber among others.

I am só done with the cold and harsh weather that I had to bring some spring into our home. I always do this by buying Hyacinths!

When we just moved into our gorgeous home, I promised a picture of our über-scary basement. I never really got to it, but recently I had to bring some stuff down to the basement and I had my phone with me and thought of you all who were really eager to see the basement, and I took a quick snap. Let me tell you, I am not keen to go down there because it's coming straight from a horror movie scene. The picture shows you why. These little gates are everywhere in the basement (+ albino spiders, ewwww). Our basement is from the 14th century, and in the 16th century there was a fire and most of the walls are still blackened by it. There's also a really old brick stairs that walks to a dead wall. Really creepy. I threw my stuff down, took a snapshot and went upstairs really quickly. The air is really musty and immediately has an effect on my lungs. When I am down there again, I'll take another picture and a better one.

But hell, you do agree with me right? I had to go in here alone and in the dark. That's scary am I right? I have no idea what's behind the darkness of this little gate! Hades perhaps!

This stuff is wonderful! Usually when cleaning the house I don't wear gloves (I used to, though, but they are a nuisance whilst cleaning) but I want to keep my hands looking young and fresh. This stuff is godsent. I always apply a little after I am done cleaning.

Not a guitar but a catar. I know, lame joke really.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon. It's so horrible being sick :(

    Ella is so beautiful, it's so wonderful that you adopted, It's so sad to see so many dogs that have had hard lives that need loving homes. So I'm glad she found hers :)

    I have the first dita perfume and its heavenly, unfortunately they stopped selling it here in Australia and never brought out the remainder so I have never been able to try that one. I just loved the first one though, you are so right about it not being a cookie cutter celebrity perfume. I feel like when celebrities first started bringing them out it was interesting, but now there are just so many and they are all sickly sweet and indistinguishable from each other.

    1. Hi Alecia, thank you so much. Luckily I feel much better!

      I am sorry, I wrote it a bit confusingly, but Ella is my sisters dog, but still it's wonderful that she has adopted her and I am 100% sure that she will have a good life with her and my mum.

      The first Dita perfume is absolutely delicious! It was the first I had and it made me wanted more. They have never sold it in my country, so my boyfriend gets them from Germany for me.

  2. Congratulations on your new family member^^ Ella looks gorgeous. How is she getting along with Figaro?
    Oh, and your basement really does look scary. Iwouldn't want to go down there - especially now with all the spiders and dead end stairs.
    I hope you both get well soon. We have the flu here in Germany as well and I had it on and off for almost 4 weeks now. And I hope that this time it's gone for good. But since I work with lots of people (some of them old and all of them not in their best health) I never know...

    1. Hi Sandy, she is my sisters dog (I wrote it a bit confusingly, sorry). She hasn't met my cat, but my sister and mum have cats, too, and they get along fine! Luckily!

      I think the flu in Germany is the same as in my country. Geez, 4 weeks ill ...! Luckily I am starting to feel much better already!

  3. so sorry you're not well. the flu is the worst! but i do enjoy the photos, even though i've seen most in instagram before. it's something about your narrative voice and them being all laid out in one spot to fully immerse myself in them that makes me look at them differently and deeper.

    1. Thanks Abigail, luckily I feel much better already.

      By the way, my photos definitely don't make it to yours!

  4. Oh my word, Ella is so tremendously sweet and beautiful. The poor, precious dear. It sounds like she's lead a very challenging life. Thank goodness she's now found better, much more loving home now. I hope you'll share more photos of her with us - I like to imagine that she and (our dog) Annie are "paw pals" now. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. She's such a gorgeous girl! I will try to share more images of her but she's my sisters dog (I wrote it a bit confusingly, sorry). But she will have a wonderful life with my mother and sister!

  5. Lovely pictures, especially Ella and Figaro!!! <3 :-)

    After reading about "Erotique" on your blog, I remembered that when I was at the perfumery the next time and decided to have a smell. It really is a strong scent! Unfortunately, not one for me.. It wasn't bad, but I must admit it gave me a headache. I'm quite sensitive when it comes to fragrances, and I'm more for the clean, fresh or wooden types. However, sometimes I wish I had something a bit more bold and feminine... So I guess I'll just give the other "Dita's" a try as well when I'm at the store next time! :-)

    Yay for the creepy basement! I was looking forward to that! :-) I totally understand your hesitation though... Just yesterday I was talking to some of my friends how, when we were about 13, 14 years old, we used to sneak into old abandoned houses with our tarot cards and our ouija board trying to summon the spirits and communicate with the dead and so on, because we were so smitten with the movie "The Craft" and all the other supernatural-spirits-wicca-thing that was going on in the 90's! :-D And yesterday we were just like "HOW could we??? How did we not pee our pants in those scary houses??" Today, not ten horses would get me into one of those houses again... Though most of them have been torn down anyway.

    That was a long comment now... '^^

    Anyway, I really hope you get well again soon!!!

    Lots of love,

    1. Thank you Gabriela,

      At first I didn't like Erotique aswell because it came of harsh. But it needs the time to settle and I began to reallllly love it. But you say you are sensitive to fragrances, so I can imagine Erotique is too harsh for you.

      Perhaps Dita's scent Fleurteese might be the thing for you! I haven't smelled it yet but I have ordered it and waiting for it to be delivered.

      I LOVED the movie the Craft and I was watching it all the time. I loved Robin Tunney in it and I wished I had her witch power. I was trying so hard to make that pencil stand straight and rotate hahaha!

      Your story about the old abandoned houses sounds sooo scary, not in a million years I'll do that! What a bravery haha!


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