Vintage beauty hints for winter!

January 06, 2015

Meal Face Wash - 1928
Winter time with its ever present clouds of dirt and smoke, play havoc with the complexion. The soot wedges its way into the pores and makes ugly black pimples. Then, too, the skin takes on that dirty ungroomed look of the great majority of pedestrians. A cure for this condition is found through the meal-wash. Use a good facial soap and mix the lather with the meal. This cleanses and the friction starts circulation and drives out the blackheads. Remember always to finish the cleansing process by a quick ice rub. Having no ice, use cold water.

Less astringent - 1935
During the winter less astringent should be used, particularly if the astringent one is accustomed to is of the strong, drying variety. Such an astringent should be limited for use under the contour only. For the face a mild astringent or skin tonic may be sprayed on, then patted briskly.

A good powder base - 1942
Just about the time you get over your summer sunburn, your face begins to chap in winter cold and wind. Joan Blondell says the treatment for both is much the same. A good powder base for protection. Then at night, after the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, apply a little cold cream, wipe it off after a few moments, then apply your favorite healing ointment. Zinc ointment will do it.

Counteract any dryness - 1957
Strong winds cause rough patches on your skin. Pat in a special skin food for dry skins before applying your usual makeup. To help counteract any dryness, warm some cold cream or nourishing skin food and stroke it into the neck with an upward movement.
Take special care not to get a cold - 1934
Nothing is worse for the complexion than a cold. Aside from the fact that your nose gets red and your eyes look swollen, you'll notice shallowness and a dragged-down appearance. If you value your beauty aswell as your health, better take special care not to get a cold. You need an adequate amount of sleep, for instance. When you feel the slightest soreness in your throat or a heavy, under the table feeling in your nose and head plan to get 9 hours of sleep each night for a week. Drink 10 glasses of water a day and watch your diet.

Rosewater - 1940
Rosewater is an excellent lotion for the face, both in winter and summer. It is soothing for a delicate skin, and prevents chapping and roughness while it is also good for enlarged pores. Just dab on a little at a time with a piece of cotton wool, and pat the face dry. Rosewater is kind to all skins, whether dry or greasy. Coarse, cheap powders should be avoided as they only roughen the skin. Another thing to avoid is too hot water on the face, as it enlarges the pores, relaxes the skin and muscles and leads to wrinkles. Tepid water should be used, followed by a good splashing of cold water on the face to tone up the muscles, stimulates the circulation and closes the pores. If possible, avoid washing the face before going out into the cold.

Protection - 1940
In skin-care the main idea is protection, and everything in the way of cosmetics used in winter should play a protective role if the skin is affected easily. Choose cleansing cream with care, for it should be a softener aswell as a cleanser. Use bland soap and be particularly careful to use a lubricating cream at night. Even if you never use a foundation at any other time, be sure you use one in cold weather. You will want a greasier lipstick in winter, to prevent lips from cracking. A good idea is to smear your lips with your foundation before applying lipstick. Winter cosmetics must also have the assistance of winter exercise and diet to be effective. Even if you leave strenuous outdoor exercise to your sturdier sisters, atleast do some exercising in the privacy of your own room, and get your circulation working at its best. Winter foods are also inclined to be richer than the lighter meals of summer, so drink plenty of water between meals, avoid pastry and too much meat, and remember a healthy skin is the most important part of your beauty treatment.

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