Strawberry and Goat's cheese wrap

January 05, 2015

Looking at the grey, dull and dreary weather outside, my heart longed for a touch of spring. What better to bring some spring on your plate than to make something with strawberries? I found a delicious recipe in my current favorite cookbook that I thought would be perfect.

Now, obviously, rolling wraps is not my biggest expertise and, although I lóve wraps, I barely eat them because of the mess they give and the fact that the food ends up on your plate instead of in your mouth. All that is left in your hands, is a half empty and soggy wrap. Delicious nonetheless, but messy.

However, strawberry wraps with goat's cheese and rucola sounded so good to my ears, that I took the challenge and went to work. Ben and I ate this as a lunch.

☑ Strawberries
☑ Tortilla wraps
☑ Rucola
☑ Olive oil
☑ Balsamic vinegar
☑ Salt (I used himalayan salt)
☑ Pepper

I warmed the tortilla wraps in a skillet for 20 seconds and let them cool. Once cool, spread the goat's cheese and add 5 slices of strawberry. Add a little bit of rucola and sprinkle with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Roll up and enjoy!

© Recipe owner: The Forest Feast

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  1. This looks lovely - I would never think of putting strawberries with goats cheese! x

    1. It is so delicious! Goat's cheese can be combined with a lot of fruits. I love it!


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