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January 31, 2015

I am terribly behind with sharing my sneak peek photos, but I haven't been using my Instagram a lot this month, so I had to wait until I had enough photos to fill up a post. Let's see!

Pretty early this year I got rid of all the Christmas stuff that really started to bother me. We still have lots of work to do in our home after moving, and it was just getting in the way. So, as soon as 2015 had arrived, I cleaned the house and packed my antique ornaments back in their boxes!

Always a fan of horror movies, I was really eager to watch this one: The Babadook. I was certainly not dissappointed, especially because the end was refreshing.

I cooked and baked like I always do, and I thought the strawberry wraps I made were interesting enough to write about. They were utterly delicious. My partner is really hoping for a harsh winter with lots of snow, but I, on the other hand am looking forward to spring só much. These wraps gave me the taste of it! 

Gramblr was being a nuisance and didn't let me upload the photo as sharp as the original photo is. See the recipe here.

With running a food blog, I find it very important to accompany my recipes with tasty pictures. I've always liked food photography and food styling, and it's definitely not a punishment to learn more about it, which I was doing on the photo shown above. I was at the chapter on how to fake heat for hot dishes.

I looove vegetable chips and these were too good to be true. Beetroot, parsnip and carrot!

More baking in January! I was gifted a new oven and ofcourse I wanted to use it immediately. Pictured are my zucchini pizza's, ready to go in the oven. Pizza is my guilty pleasure, but I hate unhealthy meals (every now and then it's oke though) which pizza clearly is, so I am always on the hunt for healthy pizza recipes. These are Naanbread pizza's and are definitely a favorite in casa Lane/Hogendoorn. Very easy to prepare and so delicious.

For a better picture ánd the recipe: Zucchini Naanpizza's!

Me-time with a huge cup of tea and a health magazine.

My first Von Follies piece. The Madame X bra. Oh darlings, it's divine!

I even wrote a post about it and mentioned it on Instagram.

I decided to stay home for lunch because I had a lot of work to do. I enjoyed a coffee roll filled with cream.

I finally found the time to nail Hedy Lamarr's autograph in our Old Hollywood autographs hallway. 

Ben surprised me with this fragrance by Dita von Teese, called Erotique, that he just gifted me. I was very enthused by her first fragrance, which was só nice, and I expected a lot of this one, too, since this is the fragrance Dita is the most proud of. Well, I was not dissapointed at all when I used it. I am a big fan of perfume with musk as an ingrediënt, and this one has it. The other ingrediënts beside musk are: rose, leather, pepper, coriander, incense, sandalwood, cedar and quaiac wood. Very original and it's a divine scent! Dita knows what she's doing!

What I like about Dita, is that she is very much involved with her designs and merchandise that have her name on it, and on the contrary to other celebrities, she has the last word about it all. She refused to choose from a few perfume bottles that were chosen as a favorite with the testpanel. No, she wanted a perfume that she herself really fancied and I like entrepreneurial side of her.

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  1. That sounds like a sublimely lovely scent and one that I would instantly gravitate towards (I love spice, wood, tobacco, leather, musk and similar heady scents most of all when it comes to ones I wear). What an awesome surprise gift from your honey.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I was really happy with it indeed! He knows so well what I like!


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