Madame X by Dita von Teese

January 19, 2015

I never stint on lingerie; I think beautiful and qualitative lingerie costs quite a bit of money -as it should- and it's a little luxury I love to treat myself to every now and then. It's a habit that stuck with me: I grew up in a family that was dominated by women (my father was away during the week; he's in the army) who all had a love for pretty, luxe lingerie. I often went lingerie shopping with my mother and younger sister when our budget allowed us to, and we came home with the most beautiful creations.

From the moment I knew Dita von Teese had launched a lingerie line, called Von Follies, I was desperate to get my paws on one of the creations - and it didn't matter which. Unfortunately it took my country a while to sell the Von Follies line, or it was something else that prevented me from buying - my size was sold out or something like that. But, recently, I was lucky enough to finally get my paws on the Madame X underwire bra in black (pictured on yours truly above and shown below). I had it shipped from Germany, and suffice to say I was as impatient as a child waiting to unpack Christmas gifts. I checked the mail almost three times a day. No kidding.

See through blouse
When it finally dropped in our mailbox, I was so enthusiastic ... because the bra is só beautiful and só sexy. Dita, who unlike other celebrities, is on top of all her creations, designed the bra's as pieces of art that are meant to be seen. I really fell in love with the back of the Madame X bra, because the whole design makes it a lovely undergarment for a see through blouse - which is definitely a combination I will go for.

Dita herself wears it with a see-through blouse aswell. How gorgeous.
© Courtesy of Dita von Teese

Racy 1930s lingerie from Paris
The Madame X bra is inspired by racy 1930s bra's from Paris, as Dita claims, and that made it all the more appealing to me. I definitely would love to have other pieces of the collection aswell, such as the Her Sexcellency bra and the Savoir Faire. Divine!

Dita wearing the Madame X bra herself. It gives you a decent view of the back of the bra.

Interview with Dita about lingerie and the Madame X set.

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  1. Ohhh I am a bit jealous - I missed out on getting Madame X in my size when it was in the shops (I still hope I can get it though) You look AMAAAAAAZING!!!!! I LOVE Von Follies - I have an entire draw full of it, I own every single set from her first collection but have had a harder time getting her more recent things. I hope Dita keeps designing lingerie, she is amazing and I will keep on buying it :)

    1. Wow, jealous of me while you have a full drawer? I am the one who's supposed to be jealous hahhaa. And I am. I am so eager to buy more of her Von Follies line and also the lingerie she designed with Louboutin. Just lovely!

      I bought this piece from Ebay, perhaps you can find some luck there aswell?

    2. Oh, and, thanks for your kind words <3

  2. My stars, dear Lindsay, you look stunning - Dita should use this image of you in some of her ads and online to promote this particular bra/line.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. That's a REALLY huge compliment Jessica <3

  3. Oh my goodness, Lindsay, you look absolutely stunning!

  4. You deserve a standing ovarion.
    The photo is great, and you, as a model, stand out.

    Braving out the camera and the internet like this - two thumbs up.



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