Hollywood stars' beauty secrets - 1939

Kay Sutton

With her newest ensemble of mulberry velvet, Kay Sutton is wearing fuchsia pink lipstick. Striking with her dark eyes, blue black hair.

Anne Shirley

In her dressing room, Anne Shirley has installed a new round mirror which reveals the "looker" full length. Perfect for checking up on last-minute details like slips and and stocking seams. These round mirrors can be placed above dressing tables, take less space than the old time pier glass.

Irene Dunne

New eye shadows are made in a bar of color, like lipsticks, much easier to apply. On the set Irene Dunne displayed a box of these new sticks shading in color from gray to through blue to brown. Tone your eye shadow to the time of day -or night- and the color of your costume.

Joan Fontaine

Tiring of elaborate coiffures designed for her role in "Gunga Dinn", Joan Fontaine is considering the new three-inch bob. Hair is clipped short all over the head, softly waved and curled into a coiffure closely resembling the once popular wind-blown. New version, however, is completely feminine.

Lily Pons

To determine what shade of powder is best for the tone of her skin with different colors, Lily Pons, petite opera star, tries one shade on one side of her face and one shade on the other side, so that she may easily draw comparison and select the winner.

Joan Fontaine

To rest her deep blue eyes after a day's work at the studio, Joan Fontaine relaxes for a few minutes with cotton-pads soaked in cold water or a reputable soothing lotion, over her eyes.

Marie Wilson

Marie Wilson keeps her lips satin smooth with a lip ointment made of one ounce rose water, one-fourth ounce witch-hazel, one-fourth ounce glycerine and a few drops of geranium oil.

Joan Blondell

Just plain buttermilk is Joan Blondell's all-around beauty aid. She drinks a glass at each meal because it's filling but non-fattening. She uses it for a weekly neck and hand bleach. Then when her tan fades she hurries its dissapearance by leaving a buttermilk masque on her face, for half an hour each evening.


  1. What a treasure trove of handy, lovely tips. I totally agree with the advice to pick an eye shadow hue that compliments your outfit. We just don't see enough of that any in mainstream fashion any more.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. oh doesn't Joan Fontaine look so lovely in that photo! i do enjoy these beauty secrets posts :)

  3. Thank you ror sharing these beauty secrets! I want to try the oinment of Marie Wilson!



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