A night out to the movies: Gone with the wind!

January 03, 2015

Coffee first before we went to see the 4 hour movie!

You know, I have always said that I would give anything to experience the feeling people had in the 1930s going to the cinema to watch movies and, for a short time, forget their dire problems at home caused by the Great Depression. Well, that time is long gone and going to the movies isn't what it was back in the 30s; going to a movie -which premiered in 1939- at the beautiful Luxor theatre was the closest I could get to feeling a little what it must've been like. So when Ben and I learned that Gone With the Wind was being played at the beautiful Luxor theatre, which is a 3 minute walk from our home, we were eager to go.

I am a huge fan of Vivien Leigh, and I love Gone with the Wind, but I don't like cinema's that much. Too many people packed like a can of sardines, people kicking at the back of your chair. Still, ofcourse, I couldn't let a chance to see an old movie in an old theatre pass by. Initially I thought we would probably be the only one who went to see the old movie, but there were a handful of people who also took the challenge to watch a movie of 4 hours long.

The beautiful Luxor Theatre 

About the Luxor film theatre
The fundaments of the Luxor theatre building are from the 15th century. In 1635 it became a possession of hanseatic city Zutphen and became a shambles called Den Gulden Hoorn. Around 1860, the building was rebuilt and provided with a new facade. In 1918, cinema exhibitor Piet Egbert Scharphorn requested a license to run a electricity-driven cinema at the Houtmarkt 64 in Zutphen.

At 5 October 1918, the Luxor film theatre opened its doors, and it was a hit! People thronged at the entrance to get a film ticket. In 1919, the Luxor theatre became a bigger hit when silent films were shown, with live accompaniment and a narrator. In the mid-20s, the building was richly decorated with Art-Deco tiles, and was designed by architect J.Wibbelink.

In the 1930s the Luxor was exploited by the family Zieren. First by the father, and since the 1950s it was exploited by his son. During WWII, the Luxor theatre was an important medium and the public flocked to the cinema.

In the 1960s, the inside of the Luxor building was renovated to keep attracting people to the cinema in a world that was dominated by television in people's living rooms. However, the cinema exploiter suffered loss and closed its doors in 1987.

Me with a very old projector. I am not sure what I was looking at, but quite a crowd gathered around us to watch me "posing" in front of the projector, and I felt uncomfortable.

I quickly made a photo before the movie started

Although 4 hours watching a movie with only one pause was pretty hard for me (I suffer concentration problems) it was a spectacular feeling to watch an old movie in an old theatre; a theatre with so much history. I love old movies, I am a real movie freak and I got goosebumps and a lump in my throat when I saw Gone with the Wind on big screen. For 4 hours long, as soon as the Art Deco wall lights dimmed, I could pretend to have travelled back in time, and watch a movie in 1939 (although Gone with the wind premiered in my country after WWII). I absolutely enjoyed it to no end and I know for a fact that the Luxor plays old movies from my favorite era's every now and then, so suffice to say that ofcourse we will be there again!

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  1. That sounds like a dream evening to me! I've never seen GWTW on big screen and can't imagine a better setting for it than an authentic old school theater like that. Excellent job on making it through the whole movie, honey. It's very sweet of you to take us along on the experience via this fun post.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. It's a perfect place to see old films!

  3. This looks fabulous, Clark Gable on the big screen couldn't imagine anything better! Big thank you for sharing...

    Alexandra x

  4. What a beautiful old Theater, perfect for a beautiful film. Gone with the Wind is the film that I watched more times, although many people thinks it can be boring and too long (obviously not me). I love it so much! The beautiful and charismatic actors, the color, the photography, the wardrobe, all the play with the shadows, and the story is strong, we can learn so much out of it. Wonderful that you could watch this film in a beautiful Theater, I think is rather special :-)

    Beta x

    1. It absolutely was! A lovely experience :-)

  5. oh how lovely! you always look perfect and what a show this must have been. i'd love to do something like this. thanks for sharing.

    1. Aw thank you so much! And it was my pleasure!


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