The perils of decorating a Christmas tree

December 17, 2014

I love Christmas ... but decorating the tree? Not so much! We all know the struggles with the untangling of the string of Christmas lights, and lametta being a nuisance aswell - I even found lametta strings back in my decolletage and even in my hair. And what about the cat to consider, who's eagerly lurking in a corner, waiting to making his move when you turn around, and smash some of your precious ornaments from the tree? Luckily my cat just wants to lie under the tree instead of playing in it - I am really that lucky with my cat - but I've heard stories from friends who don't have such a cat as mine.

Yet with all this in mind, I bravely fetched the boxes containing my precious antique ornaments and decorations and went to set up and embellish the Christmas tree. Really, that did not go without cussing like a sailor (so much for being a lady) and I think I have thrown the string of Christmas lights away a numerous times yelling in the air "I QUIT!", "NEXT TIME I TAKE A MINI TREE", "THIS IS THE LAST CHRISTMAS I EVER SET UP A TREE". Does this sound familiar? I thought so.

But in the end I finally managed to finish the tree, though I was robbed of my energy to ooh and aah a bit and admire it.

But let's see what became of it!

Untangling the Christmas lights. I had a shower, so my hair is undone. Forgive me ;-)

Number 2 also needed to be untangled.

The first vintage ornament that fell into smithereens. I cried. Really. This has been the first in so many years.

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  1. Your hard work was definitely worth it, dear gal, this tree is a timeless vision of festive loveliness.

    I'm sorry that there was a "causality" in the process. I have honesty cried when vintage things have broken for me over the years, too.

    Big hugs & tons of merry Christmas wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks so much Jessica, I wish you the merriest Christmas!

  2. your vintage ornaments are so lovely! but it's so sad to see a treasured piece go. i hate tangled lights, too, but my mom made up a way. we now wrap the strands around rectangle of cardboard from a box. it stores much better and makes it easier to wrap a tree. hope this helps.

    1. Aw thanks, and yes it's always a pain to see one fall to smithereens. I am definitely going to try the idea of the cardboard you mentioned. Sounds like a magnificent idea to me :-)


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