New Year's eve (outfit) inspiration

December 30, 2014

I don't know about you, but I am só excited for the turn of the year. I am welcoming 2015 wholeheartedly with open arms, and I am already quite the buzy bee preparing everything to make it a perfect and big party; I am looking for delicious hors d'euvres, oliebollen & appelflappen, the finest non alcoholic Champagne, and festive accessories. Ben and I will celebrate it mostly with the two of us, eat ourselves stuffed with aforementioned delights, and will watch the fireworks when the clock strike twelve o'clock on the pier of the river the Ijssel near our home.

But just as every year, I'm already buzy pondering what to wear, and I was thinking of someting along the lines of a lot of black with shades of gold, a turban, heavy shimmery eye makeup and dark lipstick. To support my fluttery ideas, I have composed a moodboard.

Let's have a look!

I want to wish you all a very, very Happy New Year and that 2015 may bring you love, laughter, health friendship and luck.

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  1. ooh, 1930s themed new years eve! unfortunately, i will be a state away and probably in a hotel room so i won't put in the extra effort for something like this, but i do wish i could! how lovely!

    1. Themed not exactly, because we pretty much live the 1930s in our daily lives, but certainly a very glamorous theme combined with the 1930s :-)

      I wish you a very happy turn of the year!!

  2. Yes, massively, bring it, 2015!!! It's time for a fresh start, reconnecting of what's truly important, and a the prospect of dreams yet unknown.

    Huge hugs & the very happiest of New Year's wishes!
    ♥ Jessica


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