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December 03, 2014

I have been travelling by train quite a bit in the past weeks, and usually I have a book with me to read when I have to travel longer distances. But recently I have downloaded a few ebooks that were on my list to read for a long time already, and which I read on my tablet, but I prefer to leave the tablet at home. Usually I don't play with my phone in public and certainly not in the train since there's so much to see outside.

But I, just as the rest of the world, could be found fiddling with my phone on Pinterest whilst travelling. I have been pinning loads and loads of pins in the past couple of days and I like to share with you my favorites.

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1. I am absolutely in LOVE with that floor, and in our house we have a hallway that resembles the one on the photo, and I would love to have a floor like that in it.

2. I am a pasta girl and I have many many many different shapes and sizes of pasta, and storage like this looks so cute!

3. Although the brand Rivièra Maison has been founded in the 1940s, it doesn't really push my buttons (Sorry Jacques and Dinie) but I LOVE these medicine hurricanes. The past few days I have been searching for inspiration for decorating our sophisticated mantel piece in the livingroom, and came across these on Pinterest. These would look divine on our black mantel piece.

4. It's a dream of me to own a rainfall shower someday and I am already saving some money to buy one in the future. This one has a nice vintage looks to it that I like very much.

5. Beside a rainfall shower in the bathroom, I also love a variety of greenery in the bathroom - especially snake plants and ferns. We have a pretty big bathroom, and every sunday I'm having a relaxation evening for myself without fail, with a bit of jungle-y or oriental theme, and greenery helps a lot with that feeling. 

6. Winter has truly arrived, and that asks for warmth. I love the look of (fake) fur plaids with our dark wooden furniture, and burning candles. It feels so comfy snuggling underneath such a plaid and watch old movies. We also have one on our bed, since I álways have the window open and it get's réally cold. With a fur plaid we are comfortably warm.

7. You have to enlarge the photo to see why I pinned number 7, but it has also to do with decorating our mantelpiece. I just LOVE pheasant feathers in those small vases. I am definitely going to realise this idea.

8. A gorgeous mid-century rattan stool that I really love and want to have. Now.

9. Stunning dark rattan lighting, that would look beautiful above a large dining table

10. I am a big fan of oriental rugs. I love them in the bathroom by the way!

11. I am still looking for the perfect palm for our living room close to the mantelpiece and sadly haven't found it yet. This one is stunning, though I would choose a different pot.

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1. Rita Hayworth
I recently saw the documentary 'Rita' and it made tears stream down my face. Such a tragic ending she had, suffering Alzheimer's disease in a time it was still an unknown disease.

2. Fay Wray
One of my favorite actresses.

3. Susan Hayward
I loved her in the movie 'I Married A Witch'.

4. Dorothy Lamour
She always leaves me with a huge hair envy.

5. Hedy Lamarr
I recently finished the book Hedy's Folly: The Life and Breakthrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World which talkes about hers and George Antheil's inventions in frequency hopping in WWII. This book made me admire Hedy only more! What a woman!

6. Joan Bennett
A gorgeous woman

7. Renee Perle
A huge fashion inspiration to me.

8. Merle Oberon
I love what she wears on the photo and how she wears her hair.

9. Pola Negri
What a mysterious character!

10. Jean Harlow
Jean always makes me doubt if I should be a platinum blonde again!

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  1. Great pins! I'm struck with your decor choices by how much that same palette is very commonplace here in the Okanagan, Canada's only (nearly) desert region, where muted browns, earthy greys, dusty sages, and warm sandy shades are rampant. As a result of them being frequent fixtures in nature, there's often seen in home decor around these parts, too (including at my mom's house :)), and as such I will always think of them as being representative of this lovely part of the world - no matter where else around the globe they're being used. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. My taste in decor is very broad; it's always changing and these are my current favorites.
      I have never been to Canada, but have always wanted to and even more so now!


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