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December 09, 2014

It was time for another round of things I'm really loving lately; but this time I thought I'd do a round of home-decor related items. I have been working very hard with the home decor of our house, and to be honest: the past couple of months, finishing our house came a bit on the back burner and that means that a lots of boxes were still left unpacked, and I thought it time to change that. Especially now that Christmas is at the door.

Finally I am able to make this house a real home to us. I still haven't posted lots of pictures of our house and the reason for that is mentioned above. But I haven't forgotten it, so that creepy basement will be posted someday soon on this blog.

I've already given you a taste of all things home decor I am very much digging lately in *this* post but let's see what else.

1. Tree stump side tables

I love to bring nature into our home, because I think it does a lot to your mental state. I inherited this from my grandfather who loved to paint all things green. Well, I am not going to paint everything moss-green, but I do love to have greenery and wood weaved into our interior. When I saw these tree stump tables and how DIY-friendly these actually are, I became enthusiastic and am about to make one myself. I think it'll be a nice project to work on.

2. Decorating with beans

Ben received bags-full of beautiful dry beans from a collegue at his work, but I was not planning of eating them. I am planning to decorate with them in combination with votives and hurricanes. It adds warmth and nature to a home.

3. The Molly hurricane and candle holder (Moroccan inspired)

I would love to have these in our bathroom. We have some greenery (think ferns and snake plants) in our bathroom and also dark antique wooden wall shelves, and I think these votives would look gorgeous combined with the colors of the dark greenery and dark wood. Every sunday I have a home-spa for me, myself and I and these would add much to that atmosphere.

4. Incense

Shanti nagchampa is my favorite incense scent éver and that will never change. I haven't been burning incense a lot the past years, but when I saw a package of Shanti nagchampa I obviously took it with me and I fell in love with it again. I usually lit some incense whilst meditation or my Yoga sessions.

5. Rattan laundry hamper

I have an aversion towards white plastic laundry hampers, and I think they do not fit and belong in our bathroom. What doés fit in our bathroom, is a dark rattan laundry hamper and I love the look of them so much. We have a laundry hamper from the 1930s, but use it in our bedroom for small things such as Ben's socks and napkins.

6. Rattan ottoman

You've already seen my love for these in the Pinterest favorites post, but I really really like them, therefore it's posted here aswell. I have already seen the perfect one that I would love to have and buy, but at the same time I've been throwing money around quite a bit too richly this month, so I have to hold myself back with buying it. Not that it's expensive, but I feel better if I buy it next month. That I will have one, that's for sure. These were very popular in the 1940s and 1950s by the way! These were also used in the 1930s, but their heyday was in the 1950s.

7. Jars for pasta storage
Image found on Pinterest - please claim if yours.

I am a big fan of pasta's and I have all sorts and shapes of it. This week Ben and I have been working on our kitchen and I have stored all the pasta's we have in jars. It looks só great.

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  1. i love the idea of pasta jars. i've always thought the different kinds of pasta are so pretty, but the boxes are not. i'd love to look/display things like this!

    1. Precisely what you say: the boxes don't look nice at all, but the pasta does. The multiple colors add something to the kitchen!

  2. I love tree stumps and driftwood used as furniture. It's a very (Canadian) west coast thing, in no small part because of the abundance of forests in British Columbia, and is something I've always been drawn to in interior design as well. I've love to driftwood bench, a big wooden farm style dining table, and a tree stump side table all in my house (or yard, in the case of the bench) one day.

    Lovely post, sweet gal!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes, I really like driftwood aswell. I've seen some marvelous things on the internet that you can do with it and it combines surprisingly well with our primarily 1930s interior.


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