15 tips on how I bring glamour into my life

December 18, 2014

Being glamorous is all about creating a fantasy; an illusion, and did you know that 'a glamour' was originally said to be a spellcast by a witch to make somebody see something different? Later, in the late 19th century, the word shifted from having magical connotations to being applied on jewelry. Glamour was also heavily shaped, advertised and created by old Hollywood. The movies painted an image of glamorous women such as Hedy Lamarr, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich; their image was one of refined, (self-)created beauty, all by technology. Images of men and women leading glamorous lifestyles filled peoples imaginations and dreams in a time where movies were still relatively new, and in a time where most people suffered direly from the Great Depression.

“I’m more attracted to glamour than natural beauty. The young Marilyn Monroe was a pretty girl in a sea of pretty girls. Then she had her hair bleached, fake eyelashes, and that’s when she became extraordinary. It’s that idea of what you’re not born with, you can create.” Dita von Teese

Eversince I was little girl I loved the idea of being a glamorous woman and I couldn't wait to be old enough to be one all the way from my hair follicles to my toenails. I am an advocate for glamour and feminity every.single.day; it makes me feel good and womanly. I have heard a lot of times from people that, even though I don't dress up with my hair all the way done, wearing fancy, expensive vintage clothes and a face full of make-up, I still have that glamorous touch over me that I think comes mostly from the way I carry myself.

It's not often that I dress down, not even when running errands, and I oftentime get the question if I have a wedding to attend, or -when dressed in black- a funeral or whatever special occasions people come up with, and they also ask me why I dress up so glamorous. I always answer with: why not? Life is too short to dress boring or like a wallflower, unless that's what makes you feel comfortable.

I have to add that I am not frolicking around in the supermarket with an evening dress, fox stola, diamonds and a tiara, but I do wear red lipstick and heels and, sometimes, a hat. It was common to do so in the 1930s and I like the idea of dressing your utter best when going somewhere. You know what they say right? You never know whom you might bump into, your prince charming or your biggest enemy.

I add glamour to my daily routine all the time and believe me: glamour does not always have to mean expensive jewels and clothing. Little things that make you feel luxuriated and feminine are, to me, glamour, too. Here's my list that makes me feel glamorous and feminine:

1. Red lipstick
I never leave the house without a shade of red lipstick on my lips. In fact, I feel so naked when doing so.

2. Heels
Although I am sometimes wearing ballet flats when I have to walk long distances, I still prefer heels.

3. Home spa. 
Aside from monthly periods, pregnancy ailments, and so forth, it's quite a blessing to be a woman I think. And you should take good care of your bodily temple. I like to indulge myself every sunday with a home spa, so that I can face a new week with a rested body. I prefer home spa's because then I can totally shut out the world and just be on my own in our bathroom that I turn into a mini home spa. I let the shower run on it's hottest for 20 minutes as to create steam. I use facial masks, I shave, I manicure and pedicure, I use salt infused eyebaths, I moisturize my face, wash my hair, use oils and ofcourse lit incence and lots of candles all over the bathroom. I want soft light and no artificial light. I also listen to natural jungle sounds, traditional Japanese zen music, or meditation tunes.

I warm my towels on the heater and also all the oils and body butter I use. Everything to feel as comfortable as can be. I do this home spa every sunday for a couple of years now without fail. When I am done with the spa, I usually meditate and do some yoga.

4. Luxe lingerie
Wear this mainly for yourself; luxe lingerie makes me feel very feminine and happy and I get that feeling especially from black laced lingerie.

5. Decadent food
Sometimes when I receive a financial extra I buy luxurious foods such as truffles (and when I still used to drink, I regularly bought Champagne) and then decorate the table nicely, lit candles, pour in champagne (N/A these days) and cook a huge dinner for me and my love with nice opera music or Tchaikovsky playing in the background.

6. Fresh flowers every week
It doesn't have to be an expensive bouquet of tropical rare flowers, but just your favorites bought freshly from the market.

7. Satin kimono's
When I am not dressed, I waddle around the house in soft satin kimono's. It just feels much more feminine and glamorous than sweatpants, am I right?

8. Dine with fancy dinnerware
I am someone very keen on aesthetics and I love good food on pretty plates and even orange juice in a fancy wineglass - and on special occasions even drinking from our 1930s crystal glass set, which was a wedding gift to Ben's grandparents in 1938. Recycle stores have loads and loads of fancy dinnerware with a cheap price and this is usually where I find mine.

9. Travel in style
When I travel by plane or ferry I see many a person dressed almost in pajama's. I can understand that from a certain point of view, because an 8 hour plane travel is already uncomfortable enough and you don't want to make it worse by wearing uncomfortable clothes. When I travel, I try to find a set of clothing which looks glamorous yet comfortable - and yes that combination is possible. In bygone era's travelling was done in style and so was arriving somewhere. I usually wear a tailored skirt suit and a hat.

10. Enjoy the process of the transformation
I am not waking up glamorous, that much is obvious. I know that many do not like to take the time or enjoy the process to transform themselves in glamorous women. Being glamorous doesn't mean standing in front of the mirror for three hours; just find a simple routine that makes you feel glamorous and makes you arrive on time at work. I have learned myself to enjoy the process in going into the bathroom looking like the scarecrow of the Wizard of Oz, and then have a shower, painting my face, doing my hair and come out like a glamorous vixen, ready to face the world on her high heels.

11. Pretty nails
There's almost nothing more shabby looking than chapped nailpolish.

12. Wear a signature scent
More important first: keep your body smelling fresh. And try wearing a signature scent that smells luxurious and feminine. I myself dislike scents that smell like candy, vanilla-y or too flowery. I like scents with a bit of spice and scents that have unique ingredients. I always wear one signature scent people can link back to me. Try and find out what works best for you.

13. Maintain your hair
There was a time when I was really grumpy when I had a bad hair day or when my hair didn't curl as much as I wanted to, but I learned myself some simple, chic hairstyles when everything else fails.

14. Act with confidentiality and demureness
Most people who meet me would not say that I am, most of the time, afraid to meet people. Sure you can tell I am shy, but the world does not need to know that I am cowering with fear (ok that's perhaps a bit exaggerated) but people are, in my opinion, more attractive when they are confident of themselves and feel good in their own skin.

15. Be you
It sounds like a huge cliché, but I find it important that people feel well in their own skin. That they can be themselves, and that counts also for myself. There's nothing more restricting than trying to be someone else, someone you're not. With that you lose all spontaneity and glamour.

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  1. Really wonderful tips, and I'd like to implement a few of them for sure! I think I tend to get a bit too tired to work on being my glamorous self sometimes, but certainly having nice glamorous lounge wear to slip on and be comfortable in is a lovely pick me up! And fresh flowers is something that I really enjoy, I want to make a space in our budget for buying them regularly. ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

    1. Thanks Bonita.
      No one has endless energy to constantly glamorize themselves, or has the time to spend a long time in front of a mirror. Nor do I, and that's why I found out what simple things makes me feel glamorous; like glamorous lounge wear for example indeed and a simple but glamorous hairstyle like a chic bun.


  2. I love your glamour tips! Especially those about traveling. I often get strange looks for wearing a simple dress to the airport, but it is so much more comfortable than encasing myself in jeans or sweatpants! (I don't like the feeling of the waistband around me when I'm sitting for ages on the plane.)

    I also like to buy flowers, just because (: they're something nice to look at, and they always make me happy!


    1. Yes, I hear you on this. I have worn simple (to me they are simple) dresses and others have looked weird at me, because to them you are overdressed.

      I really don't feel comfortable in sweatpants and you won't find me in them.

      Thanks for your comment Elsa!

  3. This is a fantastic list, Lindsay. I feel like doing a home spa now, perhaps tomorrow evening after I go out with classmates!

    1. Thank you Carla, a home-spa feels so good and I even have a post upcoming with all my home-spa tips and ingredients :-)

  4. I really like your lovely pieces of advice. Sometimes you can feel a bit bogged down by the world, but a little bit of self-care like this can really brighten your outlook. I think everyone could use a home spa day and some fresh flowers, even if they wouldn't call themselves "glamourous".

    1. Thank you so! And you are absolutely right Jessica! Those make the day!

  5. Very good list!
    I can't live my house without make-up, especially red lipstick!
    And I'm always wearing a dress or a skirt!
    I really like when you said:" Life is too short to dress boring or like a wallflower"

    1. Thank you very much Maud! I cannot recall when was the last day I left my house without a spat of make-up on.

    2. Sorry I'm french, and my english is not good! ;-) I wanted to say "I can't leave ", but you understand me! I must return to school!

    3. Oh I understood you, it's ok :-)

  6. Seriously excellent tips, sweet Lindsay. Honestly, my first thought when getting to the end of this lovely post is how it would make for an excellent premise/backbone for a book of classic glamour tips for the 21st century woman. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us - you are truly one of the most glamorous women I know!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica, that is really a lovely compliment you just gave me! <3

  7. These Tips are amazing!
    I totally agree :) I will now make my home spa, paint the nails again and apply red lipstick


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