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November 17, 2014

The fact is that I am still shrouded in a cloud of sadness regarding my dog who has passed away last week. We all have a hard time with him gone - the house is só quiet. Too quiet. Mourning the loss of a person or animal you loved is normal and even necessary. But the trick is also to try and see the beautiful things that come along, even in times of sadness. I wanted to share with you the things that kept me on my feet this past week.

Oh, and perhaps you might remember that a couple of posts back I asked people for help with my design. Something wasn't right and my blog was malfunctioning. Other bloggers with the same template as me responded on my post that they, too, suffered the same bug. Luckily one of them found the answer to what was wrong and all is good again. Thank heavens I don't have to change template. I love this one sooo much! Thank you Aishly for coming up with the solution!

1. Converting my personal pinterest account into a business account
The past week I have been working very hard behind the scenes of this blog (the other blog will come next week) to get everything out of my blog possible. Now, Pinterest is one of the largest social media out there these days, and a very good one for leading traffic to your blog at that. One of the tips given, if you are a professional blogger/photographer/model/writer/whatever, is to convert your account into a business account. So I did and I now have that desired red check confirming my website is trustworthy. I have a lot of followers on Pinterest, which are growing by the minute (!), and noticed a huge change on my blog already. It works, so if you haven't done this yet, as a blogger, do it. Follow my Pinterest here.

2. Yoga
I was a real Pilates girl (still am) but decided I wanted to try Yoga again aswell. I have been doing this in the past but neglected it only to pick it up recently again. After already 20 minutes of consequent Yoga, I notice a huge change in my body and all my senses are running at their sharpest. I feel reborn when finished. Because my boyfriend is pretty much stressed out lately, I tried to persuade him to do this together with me, and he was reaaaaaally reluctant at first. I fluttered a bit with my lashes, and now we do this together, and he aswell feels much better when finished.

3. 75 Blog resources for busy bloggers
I LOVE this blog post from the blog Krystal Kitsch. She practically covered everything a blogger needs to know about blogging. I settled on the couch with a cup of tea, some macarons, laptop on my lap and read all of it; it keept me busy for a whole day and I have learned a great deal of it. Find the list here.

4. Overnight Oats
This is a new favorite breakfast thingy of me. It's a huge sensation in breakfast town already, and since I am always running late on things popular, I found out about it later than most people. But whén I did ... I was immediately hooked on this delicious breakfast that tastes like dessert. You make these the evening before going to bed (the oats need that time to soak up the (almond)milk) and when you arise you take it out of the fridge and indulge yourself with a healthy breakfast. My favorite is with blueberries and I'll post it anytime soon on my food blog.

5. An upcoming photosession I have planned
I am not going to tell what the topic will be, but I can tell that it really excites me. It takes a lot of preparation, as it involves props that are hard to come by.

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  1. Hey Lindsay..
    I hope you'll getting better - slowly. It's a process, I know. Take your time, reflect, think.. feel free to doze off - let the time do it's thing.

    Now, about those oast.. :)
    I'm making those for a while now. It's easier for me, since I get up quite early, and I don't have time to cook them in the morning (and they taste MUCH better when soaked overnight).

    New profession?


    1. Thanks for your considerate words Marija. And also thanks sooooo much for your letter. As soon as times are more serene I'll write one back to ya.

      What are your favorite oats?

      And, profession? I think you misread photosession :p, I don't have a new profession hahaha.

    2. Oh, my.. what a horrible, dumb mistake. Forgive me, i missread it.
      So sorry, my mind is too busy with managing pain in my jaw (the worce of all pains!) Sadly, for the past few days I'm experiencing the grueling pain, and it's hard to do all my daily duties.. :(
      Hopefully, my soreness will soon pass.

      I'm glad you've got my letter, darling!


    3. Oh come now, that's not dumb. Those things happen right? Nothing to forgive :-)

      I hope the pain in your jaw is over very soon. I know how painfully it can be; had it myself last week. It were my sinuses that suffered an inflammation.

      Get back on the mend soon, you!

  2. oh i can't wait to read about your take on the overnight oats. that sounds so great and in the mornings i never want to cook and usually just end up pouring a bowl of cold cereal.
    also, i'll be sure to check out the other blog growing resources you listed. i'm not here to be a famous blogger or anything, but it might be cool to read just for fun. thanks!

    1. Usually I have a smoothie for breakfast, but sometimes I just know I would not have any time to make one and go with oats instead. Very easy, not time consuming and delicious!

  3. I swore I was following your blog ages ago, but alas, I wasn't. I am glad to read you are feeling better of late. //hugs from the states.
    I have a friend who LOVES overnight oats. And I'm checking out those resources you showed, I'm rather interested!

    1. Hi and thank you Carla! I have changed this blog to a different url a year ago, perhaps that's where you lost it? Glad you're back!


  4. Hi Lindsay, I hope your sweet heart is healing from your loss. Yummy, sounds so nice those oats! And I must say that I cannot wait for the result of your photo session. I love your creativity and the small details you add for a perfect portrait.


    1. Thank you so much dear.
      How are you doing?

  5. Sweet Lindsay, thank you for sharing some of the things that have been inspiring and bring you happiness lately in the midst of this dark time in your life. I swear, you've been in my thoughts every day lately. I appreciate that you're letting us know you're doing and hope that you always will, no matter the situation. Know that you have friends online who love, care about and are always there for you (myself very much included).

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I am not one to cry easily, but your words struck a chord with me, made me shed a tear and gave me goosebumps. Thanks so much, you have no idea what your words do to me and mean to me. I appreciate it so very much, and do know that this offer is vice versa whenever you need it! xoxox


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