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November 28, 2014

I had a buzy week this week but, as usual, I forgot to take photos of most of it. Last weekend I went to Europe's largest vintage fair held in the beautiful city Utrecht, where I was on the hunt for 1940s Christmas ornaments (read more about that quest here) because this year we want our Christmas tree strictly 1940s decorated. That means transparent ornaments and DIY ones. Although there were A LOT of antique ornaments to be found, ornaments from WWII are much rarer. As said in linked post, I was looking my eyes out and totally forgot to take pictures, even though I had my phone with me for that purpose also.

I also had a lunch to discuss the design of my business cards and I am quite enthusiastic about those. I had too many ideas, so that I was in dire need of a second, professional, opinion. Anyway, my cat was the main subject of my photos this week, and let's see what else :-)

Le couple about to have a stroll outside and shoot some outfit photos.

I am totally crazy for overnight oats. And like I said in this post, I wake up in complete Sound of Music fashion when I know there are some overnight oats waiting for me in the fridge. This, and a smoothie, are the only types of breakfast I can eat in the morning. Soon I'll be posting a recipe on this blog for this.

Feeding the birds for upcoming winter. We have a pigeon couple living in our garden and this is one of them (the male); generously and unashamed rubbing his butt on our window. When I posted the photo on Facebook some people asked if the pigeon poo'd on our window, and whilst it looks like it, it's actually some metal embossment of the house across. 

I have a weak spot for Eurasian collared doves, because I had them myself, but when he lost his wifey, he became so very depressed that I decided to bring him to a farm with lots of other pigeons.

Leftover breakfast: banana and apple with cinnamon. So yummy.

Preparing dinner: mushroom rice with vegetarian "meat" balls and fresh organic tomatoes.

Figaro being very comfortable on Ben's reenactment blanket.

But also very comfortable in boxes. As a cat befits.

And again.

On our way to Utrecht. I had not slept one bit the night before and since I hate sleeping in the car, I was trying to stay awake by reading the lecture that lay in the car of my brother in law. He's an international truckdriver, so I had to be satisfied with German trucker magazines; suffice to say I fell sound asleep. The flare on the photo is pretty cool eh?

This event was só cool and people collect the most amazing stuff. It's soooo large with more than 2000 stalls. Within 6 months it's held again at the same spot in Utrecht, so if you're close it's absolutely worth a visit.

Figaro suddenly developed a crush on Ben's working shoes and hugs, bites and crawls on and with it for days in a row.

Smile! My goodness, look at that silly cute face. I love him so very much. And, he's going to have a little furry friend soon! :-D

I suffered from a nasty stomach ache, which is still present, so I was working and blogging on my laptop in bed. Needless to say that it's impossible when the cat - as a cat befits - tries to steal away your attention. He looks quite adamant about it, doesn't he?

Shortly after my painful feet fiasco in Utrecht, due to choosing the wrong shoes (I only had high heeled shoes to choose from) I decided to buy me some ballet flats with memory foam that I can use for walking long distances. They are foldable and thus very easy to bring with you in a bag or whatsoever. And yes, they walk absolutely heavenly. I chose ballet flats with a shimmer for that extra glamorous touch :-)
More about these shoes on my blog soon.

Dyed my hair in a darker shade of brown this week and I'm very content with it. I wanted to keep it more red but faith decided elsewise. I am actually pondering of dying it black again but somehow I think I will regret it when I done so. 

Soon more about this outfit on my blog.

In bed watching It Happened One Night. A very lovely film from the 1930s with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.

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  1. I hope you feel better!!
    And that pigeon is too cute, every now and again I'll see one that looks similar. They're so elegant.

    1. They are!
      And as a matter of fact, I think that today is the first day that I am finally starting to feel better!

  2. these are so charming and simplistically lovely. the third image especially looks as though it is from a story book or magazine, but they're all great. i sure got a smile out of the first one. glad to hear you're feeling better, too, nothing cheers me up or relaxes me more than beautiful classic film like the one pictured. now you've put the bug in my head and i'm in the mood to watch that one!

    1. Thank you so much. My stomach ache hasn't completely vanished but I am definitely feeling better.

      What I like about the movie, is that it's still as watchable these days as it was back in the 1930s. Claudette has a very amusing way of acting, and Gable is a pleasure to look at ofcourse.

  3. Wonderful photos, darling Lindsay.
    I'm on a verge of becoming a "crazy cat person", since I fnd cat too adorable to be ignored. Don't you think they are such camera-friendly creatures? I dare say - they love the attention as much as any modern starlet does. :)
    Your shoes (I know they've hurt your feet) are amazing. I like them. And, yes: I know it's dumb to say it after, but take care of your feet, they are what carries you into the world. :D

    How's the house working up so far?
    You haven't wrote about it in some time, and I'm curious. :)

    I ask too many questions on a Sunday. Hehe.

    1. Thank you Marija.
      Cats are just simply amazing and by far not the elegant creatures they themselves think them to be. They are silly but so adorable indeed.

      The ballet flats in the photo are not the shoes that hurt my feet. I actually bought these to prevent having sore feet in the future!

      We are still very buzy with our house and hopefully that'll be finished anytime soon!

  4. Your cat is so fabulously adorable (and not entirely dissimilar looking to my sweet grey tabby girl, Stella), thank you for featuring him in this lovely post. It's always so much fun to see my favourite bloggers' pets.

    Tons of hugs & happy start of December wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica, he absolutely is and definitely one of the most important living beings in my life.

      I hope you have a wonderful December month!



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