Norma Shearer's beauty routine

Snippets from the Pittsburgh Press, 1929

"Before I get out of bed in the morning I have a glass of hot water and then I go through a five-minute set of exercises in bed. These are stretching and bending exercises which awaken me and give me pep to start the day.

"A cold shower follows and, on days when I am very ambitious, a swim. I dress and go down for breakfast which is an old-fashioned one, orange juice first and then real Canadian porridge (the kind that is cooked the night before) toast and coffee.

"During the day I try to keep up an enthusiasm for everything. Genuine enthusiasm is not only a method of staying happy, but it makes the eyes bright and the smile real.

"It is in the evening that I attend to the details of beauty culture I remove all the make-up and dirt from the face with a good cold cream, and in order to take off all the surplus cream I finish by using cotton soaked in witch hazel.

"I do believe in allowing the pores of the skin to breathe at night and I do not approve of leaving cold cream on all night long. Then I use a good bleach and hand lotion on my hands and arms, not forgetting to rub in a plentiful supply on the elbows.

"With the end of an orange wood stick wrapped in cotton and dipped in olive oil, I massage the cuticle of the finger nails. I comb and brush my hair and give the scalp a brisk massage with the finger tips for three or four minutes. Then I have a tepid bath and five minutes relaxing exercises.

"Real attractiveness comes from a state of mind that you can be beautiful and attractive if you make yourself so by being enthusiastic and alert.

"I did not always have self-confidence, but I have tried to acquire it, for I know that it is necessary for beauty. My defects I recognize only in an attempt to conceal them and I make the most of what good points I have, remembering them."

© Pittsburgh Press


  1. Practical advice and sagely wisdom aplenty here. She seems like the kind of woman I would have loved to have sat down and shared a long discussion on many things, not just beauty secrets, with.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes, she was inspiringly wonderful. She was so different than how the movies portrayed her (which was usually the case as we all know). I think I might join the both of you in the discussion. :-)


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