My Beauty Hint: Patricia Farley [ Weekly Feature ]

P A T R I C I A   F A R L E Y

"Make-up can be a subtle, wonderful deceiver, or it can be a brazen confession. The ultimate success of your make-up depends largely on the lighting of your dressing table mirror, since a poorly lighted glass will make a bad make-up look. Hence, my hint is to place your make-up mirror against a direct light, so that the revealing rays are allowed to fall on your face."


  1. Hello.
    (hope you're feeling better)
    This advice it true, ever so true. Best place for a mirror is near the source on natural light. I've tested it on my own face.. and, boy.. there were days when I was surprised how ghastly I can look when I'm forced to do my makeup in the dark (yes, dear - we still experience black-outs, I blame the power system, they blame the wind...)

    You know - you have mentioned you are getting low on these advices. Why don't you comb thru my my other place (BEamed back to 1930s), there are plenty of celebrity advices there..

    Get well soon, Lindsay!


  2. That first line is so profoundly true. Once again the wisdom of Hollywood's foremothers rings massively true to this day (though sadly many modern ladies haven't gotten these important memos from the past).

    ♥ Jessica


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