My Beauty Hint: Margaret Lindsay | Weekly Feature

M A R G A R E T    L I N D S A Y

"Good teeth are of utmost importance from the standpoint of health - for beauty they are vital. My beauty hint, therefore, has to do with their daily care. I keep a supply of tooth brushes on hand, and never use one too long. I use a mouth wash frequently, and I find that dental floss is as essential as a tooth brush.

One of the simplest aids in keeping the teeth in order is a massage of the gums, I find. A soft tooth brush will serve for this."


  1. Irony is:
    I'm reading about beautiful teeth, and my jaw is hurting. :)
    Now, let's get serious. To this article, I feel I need to add what my dentist-friend likes saying all the time "Respect the Holy Trinity: brush, floss and mouthwash" :)


    1. Oh gee, you're still suffering from pain in your jaw?

  2. It's interesting, you know, there was such an emphasis put on gum care and message during the early to mid-twentieth century, yet unless one has an issue (such as gingivitis) today, you rarely hear tell of it in oral health ads or articles. Did dentists figure out that it wasn't terribly important or did folks just get a little lazy on that front and stop bothering with it? (Or both!)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. My dentist said to be very, very careful with it because, when you brush the gums too hard it causes gum retraction.


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