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J U D I T H    W O O D

"No girl wants a wrinkled, rough neck or a double chin. I have a beauty hint which I believe has aided me to avoid both. First I pat my skin with the back of my hand. This is an excellent precaution against a fat or double chin. Next I keep the contours of my neck smooth with a light massage. Using the forefinger and the middle finger of each hand. I start at the center of my neck and bring them back and upward to the ear lobe. I also exercise my neck by bending my head. Following the treatment I brush ice over my neck."


  1. Spot-on, dear Lindsay!
    I have been dealing with that fear dor a long time, the fear of double-chin. I massage my neck metoiculously every single morning, and I also splash it all with ice-cold water.. I can't even remember where I've seen that advice. But, it does help - I'm an early morning person, and looking fresh at 6:00 AM is important. :)

    I hope your mood has improved, darling.
    Take it slowly...


    1. I am doing it too. Not massaging it every day but keeping it in shape. I fear the double chin aswell!

      My mood has not improved much since my dog was put to sleep two hours ago. It breaks my heart and it still feels very unreal.

  2. It's interesting, you know, one used to hear so much more about giving yourself facial massages in decades past, but as simple, practical techniques like that were replaced by staggeringly expensive creams, serums and lotions, as well as scary cosmetic procedures and injections, such practical advice and options all but went the way of the dinosaur for most modern women. If only more would skip injecting Botox in favour of a few minutes of massage and a little ice water daily (surely in the long run, that approach must be infinitely better for one's health!).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Unbelievable how times change, right? I must say that a massage sounds less scarier than injections.



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