My Beauty Hint: Jeanne Boitel | Weekly Feature

November 16, 2014

J E A N N E    B O I T E L

"Rose water is my beauty aid I value more than any other. Each night I take a big perfume atomizer filled with rose water and spray my face and neck. Then I remove my make-up, spray my face again with rose water and allow it to dry. I repeat the same treatment in the morning and find that it keeps my skin fresh and smooth. Pads of cotton saturated with rose water will do much to relieve the tired and aching eyes."

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  1. Love the tip about rosewater helping with tired eyes. I rarely get much sleep (let alone "good sleep"), and often use cucumber slices for the purpose. I'll have to give rosewater a try, too.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I have tried this and it is indeed very refreshing and rose water can be made by oneself so easily. It's good for more than just refreshing the eyes; I use it on a saucer placed on the heater aswell. It makes the house smell like roses :-)

  2. Rose-water is yesterday's "thermal water", right?
    I haven't got the chance to use it (yet); but rest assured: I will try. As long as it's natural, wholesome and without chemicals - I'll try it.

    It might help with my complexion, eh? :)


  3. I just bought some rose water... but I haven't been 100% sure what to do with it. But I'm going to try using it as a makeup remover now so thanks for the tip :)


    1. Rose water can be lovely for numerous of things. I always have a bottle of it ready; I use it as a tonic, as a makeup remover or just as an air freshener :p


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