My Beauty Hint: Jean Harlow | Weekly feature

J E A N    H A R L O W

"It is much easier to keep a daily check on one's measurements and weight and to rectify creeping-up inches or pounds than to ignore one's body until the added flesh takes possession.

A few minutes of rolling on the floor will take the inches off the hips and thighs and a few motions of the arms will melt away the flesh on the upper part of the body - that is if the weight has not gained too much ground.

Rather than follow a strenuous diet to reduce after the weight has been added, it is better to remember the old rule about the ounce of prevention."  


  1. Wise words indeed. I doubt that pounds melt off with stretching and rolling very easily for most folks, but certainly every bit of physical activity helps on that front and is good for things like easing tension and working out kinks in your back, too.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Nah, that sure won't happen with my body but as you say: a bit of activity always helps, and I vaguely remember that miss Harlow had quite a strict diet, so that might explain her petite frame.


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