November 04, 2014

It's bollocks ofcourse that I wake up the way I look in these photos. How I truly look when I wake up is something like a crumpled paper with scare crow hair. Yet, I had these photos laying about ... photos which are to resemble a lazy sunday morning and thus I thought to combine the two.

Some of you who read the magazine Vogue - which I don't regularly by the way - have probably read this series of articles with the hashtag #IWokeUpLikeThis. The hashtag is a trend lately, and Vogue decided to jump the bandwagon by asking celebrities about their morning rituals and such.

Since I am a person with a strict morning routine, and because I loved the questions asked in the article, I decided to have a go with this at my blog aswell. Some of you have asked me about my morning routine actually, and with this I would hit two birds with one stone.

What is the first thing that you do when you wake up?
I take my vitamin supplements and drink a large glass of water with fresh, organic lemon juice. This, because it helps detoxing the body.

Drink this on an empty stomach, absolutely first thing in the morning. It not only detoxicates your body, but it helps weight loss and it freshens your skin and breath. Make sure the water is lukewarm and not cooked, because that will remove the benefits of lemon water. I do this every day and it really helps. It has much more benefits, and whenever you have the time then look it up!

Early bird or a night owl?
Definitely an early bird. I love the morning and I have trouble with sleeping till late. Such a waste of time and day... and the morning is really beautiful! It feels as if the world belongs to me for as long as the silence lasts. Even though I live in the middle of the city, it's só quiet in the morning here and I take advantage of that.

What time do you like to get up in the morning?
Mostly around 08.00 or 08.30. I have never been able to lay around in bed for long. I am a very energetic and active person. I don't like to waste time. When it's sunday I try to stay in bed a little longer but it never works.

Do you press the snooze button, or jump right up?
It really depends. I have a weird sleeping schedule and I sometimes suffer insomnia for months. When I have slept terribly, I sometimes dó press the snooze button, but only if I have a free day that is. If I have slept good, I have no problems with getting up quickly if my alarm goes off.

What is your morning beauty regime?
Wash my face and apply a moisturizer with SPF 6, I brush my teeth, floss and use mouthwater.

What do you do to prepare mentally for the day?
I do some meditation and on tuesdays I do pilates. Helps to keep the body supple.

When it comes to deciding what to wear in the morning, do you plan ahead?
Usually the evening before. I do this, because when I don't I spend my entire day contemplating what to wear.

What is your breakfast of choice?
A green smoothie and preferably the Glowing Green Smoothie. Lately I am drinking a lot of kale smoothies.

I also have two cups of coffee to get me started, which are followed by a cup of green tea. When I am still hungry I'll have some avocado with black truffled sea salt and a cup of herb tea. Herb tea is a good beverage to satiate the feeling of hunger. Try it!

K A L E     S M O O T H I E

- handful kale
- 1 tablespoon Chia seed
- 1 apple, diced
- 1 pear, diced
- 1 banana, sliced
- bit of fresh Parsley

First add the kale to the blender and blend. Add the apple and blend again.
Then add the pear and blend. Add the banana and blend again.
Add the parsley and blend until you have a smooth consistency.

How much time do you give yourself to prepare for your day in the morning?
Usually 30 minutes.

Outline your routine for a typical morning
Getting up and wash my face with a splash of cold water followed by a dab of rose water, another splash of cold water, and then some cream. I then make breakfast and read the newspaper.

How important is a morning ritual for you?

© Questions are courtesy of Vogue!

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  1. gah, you're so pretty AND healthy! (i think i hate you LOL)
    love learning about others morning routine, too. i'm such a morning person and just cannot stay in bed for long. some people don't understand this, though. it annoys my sisters so much, but actually I'M the one that's annoyed because they're always complaining about how it's hard to get up. kinda strange, but we can't help it, can we?

    1. Thanks so much dear. I always say I TRY to stay healthy. I have too many moments where I just want to indulge on pizza and so forth. And I know when I am going to forbid myself something, I want it even more. So every once in a while I do take a pizza, as long as it is not too often. Life has to be fun, too, and although with healthy recipes life is sure as fun aswell, pizza helpts a lot hahaha.

      My sister has a hard time getting up aswell and I have never understood why she had. But I think it's because she went to bed late.

  2. Goodness, do you look gloriously gorgeous!!! That elegant robe compliments your red lips and dark locks sensationally. I adore this round of questions as well - it's another that you've shared with us that I think I'll have to post about one day myself, too.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Aww thanks so much! I love that robe, it has beautiful Geishas on it (a lifestyle that interests me so much - to read about that is) and makes me feel quite chic when wearing it instead of clothes.


  3. You are such an incredible classic Hollywood goddess!!!

    1. Thank you sweetheart!! That's a lovely compliment! xxx

  4. I wish we cloud all wake up looking wonderful. :)

    You look absolutely stunning in these photos. It reminds me of those 1930s pictures of lades in their "morning attire" - lounging around in the bed, looking all amazing. Truly, that would be so great; to wake up looking like that.
    As a matter of fact, we had one of those "media persona" saying something quite useful, and empowering. She said: "Every single morning when you wake up, take a good look in the mirror and greet it with GOOD MORNING YOU GORGEOUS THING. Do this every day, until you honestly believe it. Once you believe it - the world will believe it, too".
    Great, right?


    1. Marija, I love all those good advices of you! This one you mention is very important for everyone to do. I should do it, cause even though most people would not guess this: I am terribly insecure. Really bad. And I even have therapy for it, so telling myself this every morning is quite a task but I should try it nonetheless. Thank you!

  5. You always look so stunning! :)
    And loved to read your morning routine. I hope to learn with you to be more healthy sweet Lindsay. Thank you to be so inspirational darling gal, you always make me smile.

    Beta x

    1. Thank you sweetheart! Your words mean a lot to me xxx.

  6. Lindsay, I love your hair color and the way it's styled. Classic Hollywood style. Can you make a post sometime about how you do your hair? Or is there one already.
    Beautiful pics!

    1. Hi Inez, I have a hair tutorial on the agenda for sooo long already and many have requested one. But it's quite a step for me to do a video. I'll try to work it out as soon as possible.

      And, thank you so much for your kind words.


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