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October 23, 2014

Food photography books
As I told you in this post, I am more to be found behind the camera than I am in front of it lately, and I am very buzy developing myself in the food photography area. This book, by Nicole S.Young, Food photography from snapshots to great shots has helped me a great deal so far. I just LOVE this book.

Last sunday, I held a movie day and one of the movies was Compulsion with Heather Graham. The movie is a remake of the Japanese film 301/302, and is about  a woman, Amy, who is obsessed with cooking, but also réally obsessed with her neighbour, the reclusive and anorexic actress/writer Saffron. I am not gonna tell you the gruesome end, which you can guess a little I think, but you should really see the movie. I, for one, enjoyed it thoroughly.


Apron of Heather in Compulsion
We stay a little longer with the film, cause I absolutely adóred the aprons Heather/Amy wore in the movie. I would love to have one of those myself. I cannot find a pattern of it (I would love to make one myself) but if anyone can help me out with that ... I'd be very grateful!

Moroccan beef stew with pumpkin
Yesterday it was raining só hard and long, as a Dutch autumn befits, and that screamed a stew dinner. Because earlier that week I had already cooked a typically Dutch stew, I wanted this stew dish to be foreign. I chose the Moroccan beef stew and it was ridiculously delicious. It should be eaten with couscous, but, although I love most food, couscous isdefinitely not among them. It gives me goosebumps even, so I ate it with rice. Try it yourself and find the recipe here.

Large, green leaves
I love greenery in the house. Not flowers everywhere, cause we don't want it to look like a funeral ceremony. Oh, ofcourse I have a lovely boucquet of fresh flowers in the house every week from the market, but my preference goes to uniform green (tropical) plants. Like these leaves on the photo for example; used as a "small" detail to give your home that little bit of extra and a tinge of freshness. I love ferns, palm leaves, bamboo, bear grass, maidenhair ferns, and just think of it: wouldn't a huge palm in a large pot look lovely next to our matte black fireplace? Thought so! But anyway, Zutphen does not have a garden centre ( starting a petition right now ) so I'm not sure how to get by these lovely plants. But I am on a serious hunt for them!

Rainfall showers
Oke, no, not very vintage. But the reason I go for these kind of showers, is because I am a tense person and my muscles pull my shoulders right underneath my ears on a stressful day. Usually I sought relaxation in the bathtub to relax my muscles a bit, but we don't have that anymore, and a comfortable shower is a close alternative. I am all for a comfortable shower session!

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  1. "Go ahead - one bite won't kill you".. Hahaha.. wonderfully put. :)
    I'm not into watching movies lately; since I have problem with organizing time (do pop by my blog, dear - I've just posted about myself, and what I've been up to lately). I do remember you writing about a macabre old move called "Freaks". Have I told you I have seen it - and I rather liked it. It was, in a sense weird, but not gruesome - only thing "scary" in that little gem of aflm was the fact that the members of the cast had deformities.. but we all do, don't we (just - some of ours are tucked up within us)...
    Gosh, I'm getting sentimental. Pardon me.

    Never mind me, dear.
    This is a wonderful post. Maybe you should show & tell more about your new-found occupation - the photography? Just a hint there... :)


    1. Hi Marija, it's so nice that you found some time to watch Freaks! What a wonderful movie isn't it? Especially the message it carries! No harm in getting sentimental over it, I did too, so no pardon needed!

      My "photography" is actually in its infantile shoes but I have been photographing food and that can be found on my food blog :-)

  2. Oh that rainfall shower... and that delicious stew! Sounds like a perfect evening :) xx

  3. Some people daydream about huge and/or gorgeous bathtubs, and while I would never say "no" to owning one, my bathing daydreams lie in showers. I want either a rain/waterfall shower or one with multiple (powerful!) jets blasting me from all sides. I've never lived in a house with a truly super powerful shower and would beyond love to one day!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I'm afraid I am a bit of a spoiled one for daydreaming about both. I've had a bath in the past and that surely relaxed me. I hope that someday soon you'll own the desired shower! I know those with the multiple jets you talk of: lovely!


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