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October 31, 2014

Hello dear people, it's still much too quiet on this blog but life has hectic plans for me. On top of that I am bedridden with pneumonia, so I am typing this whilst tucked between- and wrapped in blankets in bed with steaming Echinachea tea on my nightstand. I have downloaded tons of series and am about to start with Downton Abbey, so whilst my body is fighting the pneumonia, I have lots of things to do to keep me from selfpity.

There's also some news on the landlord area: we have sent him an official registered letter demanding to pay us within two weeks, since he did not pay us back our rental deposit as expected, and if he does not pay it back, we have to take legal actions. And we will, ofcourse. Very tiring, but I am happy that, when he receives the letter, he'll knows that we do not just let this flow over, but instead that we will take actions - which all of his former tenants did not do. Ahhh, I would do lots to see the shock on his face!

My favorite lunch for a long time now! Avocado with tomato, black pepper and coarse celtic seasalt. It's heavenly and so very healthy! The juice is cucumber with kale.

Sometimes my lunch is less healthy, especially when I have a quick lunch in a bakery in town. These delish croissants are with bockwurst and the other is a Spanish croissant. This time I decided to take them home and enjoy them there.

Lately I am giving my hair a bit of rest and don't curl it as much as I used to. So here's me with unstyled hair just hangin' loose. When I go outside I do my hair in a simple chignon.

A kale smoothie! #kaleyes!

When I visited a healthstore for Gingko Biloba supplements, they gave me a free bag with fresh cooking pears aswell and a recipe for it. So, so, so delicious!

I was very surprised fetching the mail finding this lovely package from France, sent by the beautiful Myrtle. I love to receive letters :-)! 

Ofcourse we ate cooking pears that day, and here they are in the pan waiting to get ready to be eaten. 

As told in a former post, I am very buzy with food photography and with that comes watching a lot of tutorials. This one was particularly educative! And on this still they were at explaining how important food styling is :-).

I hanged our Old Hollywood actresses' autographs on the wall in a little hallway in our house. It was the perfect place for it! You see Rita Hayworth, Ginger Rogers and Veronica Lake. The other side of the wall will have Ann Sheridan, Betty Grable and Anita Louise. Those have yet to be hanged.

Because I am bedridden in bed with pneumonia, the only remedy for that beside antibiotics, are shoes! So I bought these lovely shoes from Ruby Shoo! I am buying more and more repro shoes lately that look like (or look slightly like ... ) the ones from the 1930s and 1940s, because I want to be sparingly with my vintage ones, and I am always afraid to ruin them whilst walking. It wouldn't be the first time, and it doesn't make walking a very fun thing to do. It actually makes me look like Bambi on ice, so I decided to buy lovely looking repro shoes and wear those for a while! These walk heavenly! And look só adorable This is my second pair from this brand.

A couple of days ago I bought black truffle salt (yes very decadent of me - a good truffle salt is pretty expensive) and it's soOoOoOoO delicious! But my goodness that smellllll! I would not be surprised if the neighbors call the cops, saying that the eccentric girl from next door hides corpses in the house .. or something! 

Anyway, I love infused salts, and my eye has spotted Danish Viking smoked salt aswell. Though I think 50 euro's is a bit much!

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  1. Dear Lindsay,
    I'm horribly sorry to hear that you are quite ill. I hope you'll get back on your feet in no time. :) Until then, enjoy your "me-time", watch the series, read some good book (and recommend it if you like it). Also, have lots of hot beverages - I know cocoa helps.. not only is it amazingly tasty, but it's truly great for putting iron in your blood, and boosting your fragile metabolism.
    Gosh! Just look at me: writing advises... sorry about that; it's my way of saying "GET WELL". :)

    You've mentioned you love letters.. I like sending them.. just so you know...

    Again: get well soon.

    1. Nooo don't be sorry for sending advises my way, I like and appreciate them! I am way too lazy to take réally good care of myself when ill, hence the fact I have been ill twice in a very short period of time. I think it was lingering, and there I was thinking it was over ... but no.

      And, I would LOVE to receive a letter from you and send one back :-D

      Thanks a lot for the well-wishing!

    2. Oki-doki...
      I have been liberal and I have sent you an email. :)


  2. Hope you'll feel better soon. And enjoy Downton Abbey, I only started watching it yesterday (no, it was definitely not overambitious to buy the all-4-seasons-in-a-box-Blu-Rays without having watched a single episode^^).
    And though I really love your vintage hair, you look beautiful with flat hair, too.
    Wish you all the best for the nasty-landlord-struggle,

    1. Thank you Ette, I hope so aswell. I feel so useless being ill.
      Do you like Downton so far?

  3. Hello sweet Lindsay, I'm hoping that you are feeling better now and your health has improved. Thinking of you! :)

    Beta xx


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