My to-do-list for this autumn!

October 18, 2014

I must say that, despite having problems with our former landlord gnawing at my mental stability, this month has been pretty good to me, so far. Now that we are almost (read: almost) settled in our new home, I feel that I am at the edge of a new beginning in my life, and heck does that feel good! As was the case with the year 2013, this year has not been very kind to me and my mind was shrouded in an almost unexplainable foggy-ness that made me feel as if I was not quite myself. What I mean with that, is that "the fog" made me feel dull, I was not quite as sharp as I could be, I was not exactly a joy to be around with, my wit was slow, conversations ran dry, my resilience was nowhere to be found, I was prone to fall into a daily grind (killing!), I felt insecure, became a recluse ... and also the fact that we lived in a place that did not feel safe, or as a home at all, was not helping either.

But yes, we have moved house and, dear, did my mental state change! Well, the past two weeks I have not been eating as healthy as I usually do, since we did not had an oven or stove to cook on, but my lovely grandmother surprised us by telling us that she bought a stove for us! It may sound weird, but I feel happy when I can eat healthy, and my body does aswell. When you move house, running to the cafeteria for some french fries, or pick up some Chinese/Indian food to eat, whilst sitting on the ground amidst the clutter, was much easier than tryin' to cobble up something nice when you are so tired of moving house. The unhealthy food took its toll on my body for sure, but even if we wanted to  cook ... how? We did not had any cooking gear available 'cept for a parrafin stove. Well, all that 's in the past now and we have already abundantly used the stove. Cooking makes me utterly happy, it really does!

October has been really kind to me: we had some financial extra's, got money back from organizations, I've been able to replace my old, trusty laptop and cellphone (hello this is my materialistic side speaking!) and our house feels so, so, so good and the neighborhood we live in is so wonderful. To emphasize a new beginnin' we even saw how a beautiful Eurasian collared dove hatched from its egg in our garden last week. Pretty late in october, so I hope the little dove-ling survives. It would break my heart if he wouldn't.

With all this, my state of mind lately feels ... relieved, witty, sharp and I am even amicable! I can hold up conversations and that feels so good. Now that I am on a roll, it's a matter of addressing and tackling the problems and go my way to a much better mental state and healthy life. I have some lovely dates ahead, aswell, with people I lost contact with in the past for no particular reason. That's lovely right!? But what else is on my to-do-list?

º Developing myself in Food Photography.
Lately I am to be found behind the camera more than I am in front of it. And I love it. I have always loved creating beautiful imagery, but mind you that I am in no way a photographer. However, since I am also writing a food blog, which is not the easiest blog subject to have, I have to create appetizing food images. It makes or breaks the blog. Food photography is a whole different thing on its own and most certainly not easy. Sure your subject lays still and does not complain, but being a food blogger ánd also photograph it appetizing ... no that is not easy to say the least. Food only stays fresh for 20 minutes ... so if possible, we also want to eat the food that I make. As you see, you have to be quick in taking that ultimate shot. I am a perfectionist and I want my recipes to be supported with tasty images. Quick shots of food ... well I have Instagram and SnapDish for that, but with food photography there are certain rules you need to understand. So, here I am watching many tutorials and reading lots of books on the subject and that really helped! I love cooking, blogging, photographing and how beautiful is it, that I can combine these three things?

º Autumn cleaning
Less popular than its sister the spring cleaning, but certainly not unimportant. I find relaxation in cleaning our house and it gives you a clear mind. Really it does. You know, the trick is to make something nice of it, play with it and plan and organize it a day ahead so that you're not running around like a headless chicken, going insane. This is the list I use.

º Finally getting rid of coffee
I have been trying this a tons of time the past two years and it's much harder than I thought. With alcohol it was easier (this month I am alcohol free for a whole year YIPPIE), which I could quit cold turkey, but with coffee I always give in after a day or so, thinking: tomorrow will be the day I quit. The sad thing is, that many people who drink coffee, think that without it they are not sharp or awake until they had that desired cup. But coffee actually fogs the brain if you started drinking it when your brain has not fully developed yet. That means that I am living with a fogged brain for 10 years straight, since I started drinking coffee when I was 17, and thus am not functioning at my sharpest. Yet, indeed, coffee gives me the feeling that I am more awake. But that's merely an illusion; it's the caffeïne addiction speaking. And I want to get rid of anything that is an addiction to me at the moment. Coffee is a stimulating drug, and although it has some (health) benefits, I am dependant on it and that is exactly what I don't want.

º Pick apples in an orchard
In autumn and winter, I love to bake with apples. Nearby our home lays a castle with an apple orchard and we have green light to pick some beautiful ones. I have never picked apples in an orchard, and I think time's there to finally do so. Perhaps attach a photosession with it for an outfit post?

º Carve a pumpkin and light it
I have never carved a pumpkin in my life before, but I've always loved the idea of doing so. Mine would probably look like a derpy one but who cares? It would be so much fun! Ofcourse eat some pumpkin soup of the leftovers.

º Bake pumpkin bread
Usually I try to avoid bread in my diet, but when it's pumpkin season, how can I not love and want to bake some?! I like to cook with pumpkin; they really give me the idea that it's autumn and I love that. Pumpkin is super delicious and also nutritious! The things you can do with it is endless.

º Laying a foundation for writing a cook book
This is still a vague dream of me, in the back of my head, but what I'd love to do, is write a cookbook. I'd love to bring some life back in old recipes from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Over the years I've collected lots of old cookbooks and many of the recipes have fallen into oblivion. I'd like to bring them back. But this dream is still in its infancy and I don't really dare to dream this, but why shouldn't I? So, I've already started writing down some ideas in my little notebook that I especially bought for this purpose. 

º  Have a long hike in the woods and collect acorns, fallen leaves and pinecones
For home decoration purposes :-)

What is on your to do list this autumn? 

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  1. That doesn't sound weird at all - my body and mind alike both feel so much happier and healthier when I eat really well, too. In fact, if I've eaten poorly for a day or two in a row and have another "bad" meal on the horizon, I genuinely feel a sense of dread and dislike for it most of the time. I think that deep down in our DNA, we know that we are supposed to eat clean, healthy, natural foods like our ancestors did for millions of years, not the proceeded, sugary, empty calories that make up so much of what is on the grocery store shelves these days.

    Love your autumn list!!! I always try to get in a ton this time of year, too, while also making a point to simply savour of the beauty and wonder of this all-too-short season.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Have fun carving your first pumpkin!!! I've carved dozens at this point in my life and always super enjoy it (be sure to save the seeds to roast and eat, they make for such a delicious, healthy and essentially free snack).

    1. Hi Jessica, yes I think that we are intended to eat healthy and clean and saying this, it reminds me of The Beauty Detox Solution book written by Kimberly Snyder. In it she explains so well what we should eat and what to avoid. It gave me a whole different view on food, and when I tried the diet for a period of time it réally changed a lot.

      I am sure I'll be having loads of fun carving the pumpkin, cozily with a cup of tea or hot cocoa and some music. I LOVE roasted pumpkin seeds and always save them. Too pity to discard them.

  2. Hello there!
    (been a while since I posted a comment, but I here!)
    I'm ever so glad to hear yo're doing well, and that you are settling in your hew home. Makes my heart warm(er) to read about other people's joy - gives me the "boost", knowing that there is, indeed, joyful time in this world.
    And, how could there not be? It's autumn!
    I, for one, adore this season. Sure, there's ouring rain. And the wind is chilling. And the sky get grey almost every day. Still, the smell of hot cocoa, the brisk morning walk across the golden-leaved paths.. the deep air in my lungs.. ahhh - this is the greatest season.
    I hope your pumkin-bread tastes great (unfortunately, I can't have pumpkin-anything, since I'm struggling with digesting it).
    Also - my best of luck with your book.
    Can't wait to read more about it!!!!



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