My Beauty Hint: Alice Field [ Weekly Feature ]

A L I C E    F I E L D

"There is no real beauty without good health. So my beauty hint is a diet which some people will find severe. It consists of grilled meats without butter, vegetables cooked in water, fruits with their skins, no alcohol and no bread. To that recipe, I add a daily walk in fresh air of atleast threequarters of an hour and twenty minutes of setting up exercises."


  1. The truth is: it's a diet and exercise regimen, recomended by the docors nowadays.. only, I don't skip my fats.Everything else is spot-on what I like doing every day (and: it works!).

    I like this little posts on advies, Lindsay
    Keep 'em comig!


    1. I will, and hopefully I'll find more! I had most of these tips bookmarked and I saw that the advices are coming to an end. :(

  2. She was ahead of the paleo/keto trend here and spot on, if you ask me. I eat a very low carb diet myself at least 95% of the time (have for about three years now) and find it helps several of my medical conditions quite a bit (as well as having various health benefits in general).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I heard that the Paleo diet works very, very well. I have seen that it is actually one of the healthiest out there. I told myself to look into it but somehow I forgot, perhaps it's something for me to follow aswell.


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