Fashion Friday | Sugar and Spice 1937 [ weekly feature ]

Ginger Rogers looks demure as a dryad in her Muriel King creations for "Stage Door." Water-green marquisette (above) is draped over an underdress of bright green, and under both is a light-blue satin slip. Two cellophane flowers catch the iridescence of the gown coloring. A tailored ermine cape with shoulder peaks is Ginger's choice as a wrap.

From the same picture is a turquoise-blue faille. Delft-blue and a dark brown faille band the hemline of the skirt and form double epaulets. The brown band is continued to form a girdle. The bodice has the fitted look so good this season.

Also in "Stage Door," Ginger wears a cinnamon brown crepe roma by the same designer. The skirt is slashed at all four seams and the short bolero is lined with lemon yellow, it's facing turned back to form cuffs and revers. The girdle is of lemon-yellow velvet, burnt orange and brown. Piping of the same shades edges the jacket. 

A fingertip cape of red fox is a perfect wrap for Ginger's spice gown.

© Photoplay, 1937


  1. Hello!! I just found your amazing blog! Ginger's style is absolutely stunning! Thnaks for follow me back! Have a wonderful weekend. Greetings from Brazil! xxx

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much, I love yours a lot aswell!!!

      Have a nice weekend, too! :-D


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