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September 13, 2014

I thought it would be a nice idea to write more about the things that I love or the nice things I experience. You know what they say, right? It's good for your positive view on life to write down such things at the end of the day. Counting your blessings and realizing that the day might not be as bad as you thought it was.

At the moment, there's a Facebook hype going on that orders you (if you are nominated that is) to write down three positive things each day, for three days in a row. I have seen - for the time I spend on Facebook, which is practically zero this year - what it does to people and I really liked that. People seemed happy to write those things down and seemed cheery in the days after ... and I want to do something like that on my blog, too.

I have been doing this in the past aswell, but I neglected it way too soon. I think because I was bound to self-imposed obligations. So what I'll do now is just throw these posts in whenever I feel like it and hopefully that'll work! Cause I love writing them!

1. Going to bed early
This has got to be my top favorite ha ha, cause who doesn't love to sleep long and full hours? Right? Well, this hasn't always applied to me since I have been a real nightowl for most of my life; I can function surprisingly good without much sleep. However, lately I just love to go to bed early, lit a candle on my nightstand and read captivating books till no later than 23.00.

I really don't like to sleep till late since I am a morning person, so that means I usually wake up at approximately 08.30 on a free day or in the weekends - without my alarm going off.

2. Faux bangs (some call it bumper bangs)
I am very much into faux bangs these days; it became a bit repetitive styling my hair the same way over and over again, and I decided I wanted bangs. Yet, I didn't feel the urge to cut one cause, let's be real, I would regret that within no time when I suddenly (probably two days after) would decide to let it grow again - which takes half of a human life. So instead, I decided to skill myself in creating faux bangs, but that really needs some work. I'll get there ;-)

3. Surround myself with paint color samples
Sounds a little silly perhaps, but I just love planning ahead for our new house. And there's lots of planning to do! The most horrible chores have been done already, luckily, and the house is in good condition, so that leaves me with planning the nice things only. Like, what color do I want the living room walls to be, and what color do I want the bedroom walls to be? Or the bathroom .. you know!? I do have found the perfect color for the living room, that I'll reveal not just yet, but it resembles the color above, which is Smokey Taupe by the by.

4. Espresso Macchiato
I have tried to quit coffee and drink the more healthy tea instead, but time and time again I find myself in a caffeïne fueled affair. Really, I love love love tea ... but I just nééd my coffee in the morning ... or when I have a deadline, or when I heard some bad news, or when blogging, or when I did nót go to bed early, and read some interesting articles 'till sunrise instead. The temptation to give myself a cup of coffee is too big to say no to, so I just go along.

Espresso is great, delicious and an instant energy boost; it also reminds me of my school days when my friends (who were also my classmates) and I have been partying till the wee hours, and had to be in school very early the next day. See? Where would I have been without coffee!?

5. A positive attitute
This requires some work, I know! You don't just rise from your bed on a sudden day and think "today is the day I am adopting a positive attitute towards life." Oh, if only it had been so easy! And yes, perhaps it is easy for some people, but I shall talk for myself in this case and I can tell you that I worked hard to get there. In the end, I must say, it has been quite a nice journey to work towards it and seek something positive in all things - even the bad ones. Is that possible? Yes absolutely! You just have to look really closely sometimes.

It is unbelievable what positive thinking does to you. It radiates through in your face and body language!

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  1. Fantastic selection of things to adore and focus. I must say, I envy you being a morning person. I'm a lifelong night owl and though I do enjoy it most of the time, I've always wondered what things would be like on the other side of the coin, so to speak.

    I hope you're able to keep adding more and more wonderful things that you love to the list as the fall continues, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much!

      I have always been a morning person and there was a time I didn't like being one. I wanted to be an evening person aswell, like the rest of the world. But I grew to like it; the silence, the golden glow of the sun rising ... I just love it.

  2. Your observation that bangs take "half of a human life" to grow really made me laugh! So, so true! I am so pleased to hear how happy you are with your new home! May it bring you and Ben much joy! x

    1. Thank you so much sweetheart! xxx


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