Things I'm loving lately | 28.09.14

September 28, 2014

Well, there's a lot to love lately, so I thought it time to write about it and list those things! Shall we?

1. The keys to our new home
The number 1 one ofcourse! We've been waiting -and wanting this- for so long! And finally we were eligible for a house and we decided to accept it after we had a rather enthusiastic inspection. It's beautiful and much more room than we had in our apartment. It feels good and we can finally work towards our dream place.

2. Beige & Black
Lately I feel drawn to this color combo. It's quite sophisticated don't you think? Gorgeous as a clothing combination. The photo of that stunning gown, by the way, is the one Rita Hayworth wore in *this* famous photo in 1941 - a photo that I hope to recreate myself soon.

3. Green Soap
As soon as we settled in our new home, I cleaned the whole place with green soap. That particular soap is being used for many, many years already and smells so nostalgic!

4.White ostrich feathers
Now that we finally have enough space to have a large dining table, I want to have a huge centerpiece with lots of white ostrichs feathers. Love it! Though I would not go for a golden vase.

5. Tealights Emphasizing  Autumn
On the contrary to most people in the Netherlands, I am really looking forward to beautiful autumn. The colorful falling leaves around you whilst strolling in forests and along the river Yssel in my hometown, but also, ofcourse, the snuggling on the couch underneat a blanket with a steaming cup of cocoa and whipped cream (and chocolate sprinkle ofcourse) and rain ticking against the windows and candles burning. Usually in autumn and winter I like to use candles only, instead of artificial light sources.

6. Plaid
Think of autumn and you think of plaid. Very cozy to snuggle up on the couch, watching a film in an oversized plaid blouse of your boyfriend. Not that mine wears one, but you get the idea!

7. Toasted Coconut and Banana Smoothie
I love smoothies and every morning I take the Glowing green smoothie and eversince I have much more resilience. But I like to vary a lot, cause I am prone to boredom when routine kicks in and luckily there's so much variety in smoothies and my current favorite is the toasted coconut and banana smoothie. Absolute héaven!

8. New laptop
I am always very careful with laptops, so I barely have to replace them. But my former laptop, which I am still using now and then (because it has stored practically my whole life - tons of photos, music, movies and what have ya- on it) was becoming a nuisance after all those years. I got the thing for free from a friend with whom I used to game a lot and it still functions ok, but it has a HUGE crack in the middle of the screen - which is why I got it for free - so that friend also gave me a screen to attach to the laptop, otherwise I couldn't see a darn thing. This makes it so, that the laptop has to stay in one place, unlike a laptop without an attached screen, and that irritated me. In the home of two nostalgists (well .. so much for the nostalgist that I am ;-)) it looks very out of place. Sometimes when I am not using it, it would be nice to tuck it away and not see it. That was out of the question as you understand.

But my father had a lovely surprise for me, as he received a gratuity for serving the army for 35 years. He received an extra month of payment, and gifted me and my sister a lovely sum of money. I knew exactly what to buy for it. And so .. I have a new laptop that I can hide whenever I want to ;-).

Thanks dad!

9. Yogi tea heartwarming/hartverwarmend
You might know that I don't like tea from a supermarket and always buy them from health stores. Supermarket tea is just warm water with lots of sugar and other crap and should not call itself tea. I used to drink it, but once someone introduced me with REAL tea, I tasted the purity of it and never went back. The difference is huge and really questioned myself why I loved supermarket rubbish in the first place.

Although I am a coffee addict, I have a huge stash of different biological teas for the afternoon or shortly before retiring to bed. I am always searching for more teas to add to my stash and my latest discovery is the 'heartwarming' tea of YogiTea. Oh and Dutchies ... you can buy it *here*.

10. Our new 1930s messing hallway lamp.
Ohhh I love it sooo much, and I know exactly in which hallway I will hang it. One of our hallways has quite a high ceiling and is also the hallway that will be decorated with our old Hollywood autographs - which are largely framed together with a passe-partout holding their photo and autograph. I think it will look really lovely having this gorgeous lamp hanging there.

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  1. Hallo Lindsay, leuke post! Ik ben verliefd op het lampje ;-) Veel geluk in jullie nieuwe oude huis! xxx
    Inez (België)

    1. Hi Inez, ahh dankjewel! :-D

      Het lampje is echt helemaal te gek, ben er helemaal weg van en hoop hem gauw op te kunnen hangen! xxx


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