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September 15, 2014

Besides being as buzy as a bee packing boxes ready to move house, I am also spending a lot of time on Pinterest. I find so much relaxation in sipping my latte macchiato's and pin images that are so pleasing to my eyes. A huge moodboard it is, right?! I also find much inspiration and pleasure in saving (it's called *yum/yumming*) recipes in my recipe box on Yummly, which is somewhat like Pinterest but for recipes. Do have a look if you are lacking recipes and or inspiration to cobble up something nice.

Anyway, I am sure my Pinterest followers know that I pin a lot; so let me take this oppurtunity, to say that I am ashamed - sometimes - for pinning só much, cause that ofcourse means that the home feed of my followers is filled with (to me) eye-pleasing images and practically nothing else, and so I can only hope that they bear with me when my visionally self needs visional stimulation. Pinterest and Yummly alsmost have destroyed my social life.

Now, without further ado , here are my favorites! Click to view in large.

I love farmers markets, and whenever I can I buy my fruit and vegetables there. I love the abundance of colors and the search for the most beautiful piece of food. Even when I'm in a different country I like to visit local food markets to smell the tons of different spices and try local fruits and vegetables. 
Find my farmers market board *here*

I am very picky when it comes to modern photography and I am not one to believe that, when you have a camera and you can shoot a photo, that it makes you a photographer over night. I admire people who can bring mystique, and something ethereal into their photos. Like those above. Find my modern photography board *here*

That I love cooking is something I don't have to mention anymore, cause it's well known. Everyday I find it so pleasing to leaf through old cookery books, or on the internet for recipes. Food is necessary, so let's make something special of it! It's rare that we, in casa Lane, eat something twice! I want to cook something new all the time. It's pleasing! My recipe board can be found *here*.

Leila is one of my favorite actresses, so when I see someone pin some of her photos, I always make a little happy dance and eagerly repin them at my inspirational people board.

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  1. From day one (over three years ago now - wow, where does the time go?!), I've found Pinterest to be extremely relaxing, too. In fact, when I'm stressed/anxious to the point of almost being unable to function, or extra sick with one of my conditions, I often find that a Pinterest session is the most helpful relaxation technique I can employee (I've long found that peaceful repetitive style activities helped me on such fronts, and Pinterest excels there).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Time flies very hard when one is having fun. I guess that sure counts for us on Pinterest. I love your pins a lot, and especially the recipes!


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