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September 01, 2014

Hello dear readers!
Finally, in all these hectic days of being in the middle of moving house ánd dealing with an extremely difficult landlord ( who is sneaking into our apartment when we are away and who is also shouting horrible threats because he does not want us to move and is panicking ) I found the time to photograph this gorgeous early 1930s cape. It was sent by an admirer of whom I do not know the name. Practically, this blog is my only chance to say thank you! So, thank you stranger!

Although the days show the beginning of autumn, the cape is still a tad too warm to be worn, but I think it'll find much wear when autumn really sets in. This is the second cape from the 1930s in my collection; the other one is for evening wear and has this amazing hood. When the weather is growing colder, that one will be shown on my blog soon, too. It's too beautiful not to be shown, really. It's majestic!

The beret is something you'll probably find me dead in, someday, and, a few posts back, I already stated that I am planning on wearing these more often this autumn, but in different colors than black. However, for these photos and atmosphere ... the black one was just perfect.

My lipstick looks bright red, but is actually a beautiful Burgundy which I find more suitable for my new red hair color, which I am still smitten with. Red is in the line of my natural hair color and I feel this suits me much better than the platinum does and I didn't really had to get used to it when looking in the mirror shortly after dying it.

My shoes are, for the first time, not originally vintage, but they are inspired by 1940s dancing shoes. The heels are high, but they walk as if I am walking on clouds. I barely wear them, but I thought they would look divine combined with these clothing.

A whiter shade of pale
Some of you asked me in private if I am really that white as shown in my photos. I can solemnly swear, I am. I inherited my mother's ginger genes, and that means I have lots of freckles and no ability to tan - which I was not planning to do anyway. The only thing that I used to do, was give my face a touch up, for a more porcelain look, with baby powder, although lately I am using (if using at all) translucent white powder.

Some people look at me with a compassionate look when I tell them I can, in no way, tan. But really, I am happy this way, and I do everything to be - and keep - as white as possible. It suits me much better, trust me. 

Some ask me if I do this solely because it was "en vogue" in the 1930s, but no, it's not that cause, frankly, sun tanning was highly popular in that era. It was even advised in beauty books; not as dangerous as it is in these days. You know, something with the ozon layer getting thinner ;-). Anyway, some actresses even suntanned under the studio lights because they were always working and never saw the sun. 

How come people always think white skin was popular in those times?

A new design (again)
Yes, I am sorry, again I changed my layout. I hope it didn't confuse you all too much! I wanted my personal blog more in line with my food blog and I really missed a lovely header in my former template. In this current header you see three things I can not live without anymore. This one feels much more like Lindsay Lane. I am happy with it! Do you like it, too?

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  1. I just love that first shot of you, very glamorous :)

  2. Wow, wasn't here in the past few weeks (because I moved myself and had no internet for some time) and so much has changed. That new hair colour suits you so perfectly, you look really amazing.
    And what a gorgeous cape. I have plans sewing one for this winter, so your post came just in the right time to inspire me (the length is lovely, I had always thought of a shorter one and I like the closure).
    I fell in love with your shoes. Better I won't ask were you bought them, could tempt me to really get them for myself ;-)
    love, ette

    1. Awww thank you so much!! I don't know for sure anymore where the shoes are from. They were a gift from someone. But they are on this website, too: http://www.dancestore.com/8080-BK-aris-allen-womens-black-faux-suede-three-buckle-heeled-dance-shoe.aspx

      The only difference is, that my heel is somewhat higher.

  3. Lovely outfit, you're so glamorous!

  4. You make a fantastic redhead and I love your cape and shoes.

  5. You look absolutely stunning. Love the hair color! Did you have it professionally dyed or did you dye it yourself? (If so what dye did you use?) Love the cape as well, looks so good on you. Greeting from Finland, autumns beginning here and cant wait to wear my autumn clothing :)

    1. Hi LadyD, I did dye it myself and I have used Guhl first in in the color 'sandalwood'. Because I had platina hair I didn't want to go too crazy. Sadly Guhl was getting washed out (even though I used permanent dye) and I used L'Oreal to touch it up and that was a mid golden brown.

  6. What an incredibly lovely gift from a total stranger (it looks breathtaking on you!). I once had a stranger send me a handmade headwrap scarf (the narrow pinup style type) and a very kind note with it and it made not just my day, but my whole month. I love random acts of fashion kindness like that! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much, and, yes, it is wonderful the kind things strangers do. I love this cape so much, I am smitten with it!



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