Are you cold weather proof?

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Time has arrived where the days grow colder, and I, for one, have found joy in the arrival of autumn after all. I couldn't get enough of summer yet, since it went by way too fast, but I actually enjoy the days growing darker already in the early evening hour, snuggling on the couch with a big steaming cup of cocoa or a hot cup of tea, rain ticking against the windows, Ben and me cozily hidden underneath a blanket watching movies such as That Hamilton Woman or Gone With The Wind, with the curtains closed and candles lit. Our new house is partially decorated now ( *but still oh so much to do*) and looks so cozy with all the curtains closed and the candles burning (we haven't installed the lights yet so the candles are not only cozy but also a necessity.)

With the days growing colder, and especially when we are heading towards a bleak winter wind, our body has special needs. With the heaters burning, our skin dries easily - and I am sure us girls with a sensitive skin know all about that don't we?

Also cutting winds are a pain in yer bottom, which makes lips crack and give you a nose not unlike Rudolph the reindeer.

I found some handy cold weather beauty hints in the newspapers and magazines from our favorite era's and I have listed them for you!

Bathing - 1944
Perhaps you are bathing in too hot water. Use a little bath oil in the water - or a good water softener. After each bath anoint your body with a bit of warm olive oil and leave overnight. Be sparing with it. Stop scrubbings. Take cod liver oil during the winter, if your doctor approves, and get more exercise. Try exercising before you bathe each night. Do not use soap but once a day.

Hands - 1932
When your hands have been exposed to cold weather during the day, cream your hands before retiring and sleep with gloves on.

Hands - 1941
At least once a week, during cold weather, rub an oily cream into the hands and then put on cotton gloves. Leave these on all night unless the thought that you look more like you are ready for wintersports than for your bed annoys you. In that case, leave them on for a few hours each day.

Red nose shine, large pores - 1933
We are fast approaching the red nose season. Cold weather, poor circulation, constricting clothing, highly seasoned foods are some of the causes. Look to your health first. For shine - pat briskly with skin tonic and use a no-shine preparation before powder.

Cream, cream, cream and more cream - 1935
That's the crying need of the drying skin. Or, vary the diet with a little cream and a little oil. You don't have to give up soap and water. As a matter of fact, there are cold cream soaps, or soaps created especially for the dry skin. But use a good cleansing cream before and a rich skinfood or emollient cream afterward. A treatment really soothing and nourishing is the combination of cream and oil. About a good thimbleful of a good cream, mixed in the palm of the hand with a few drops of warmed wrinkle oil, until it is a whipped cream consistency. It is especially grand around the eyes and on the throat and it warns off premature wrinkles.

Avoid astringents but use cold water - 1935
Astringents should be ruled out if the skin is dry. They are permissable only under the contour. A mild skin tonic or just pure plain cold water is all the "balance" that the cream regime needs. The water should be soft, however, so if you live in a hard water spot use a water softener or skin tonic. Before going outdoors be sure to use a protective finishing cream or lotion.

Winter foods - 1940
Winter foods are inclined to be richer than the lighter meals of summer, so drink plenty of water between meals, avoid pastry and too much meat, and remember a healthy skin is the most important part of your beauty treatment.

Foundation - 1940
Even if you never use a foundation at any other time, be sure you use one in cold weather. Try a number until you get a good one to suit you, but be sure it films the skin unobtrusively, shielding it from the effects of wind and cold, while holding your powder without caking. And see that your winter powder blends with your skin without being either too pink or too yellow.

Lipstick - 1940
You will want a greasier lipstick in winter, to prevent lips from cracking. A good idea is to smear your lips with your foundation before applying lipstick.

Exercise assistance - 1940
Winter makeup also needs the assistance of winter exercise and diet to be effective. Even if you leave strenuous outdoor exercise to your sturdier sisters, atleast do some exercising in the privacy of your own room, and get your circulation working at its best.



  1. I just love the magazine beauty tips you share. They are so effortlessly glamorus. And its oh so wonderful to curl up inside on the dark cold nights with delightful old movies. Happy Autumn!

    P.S. i made the pumpkin pancake recipie you shared and they were a big hit. They taste like fall! Thanks for sharing.

  2. A little off topic but I just saw Abigail's comment above - pumpkins aren't available in the shops here yet, but I have saved the recipe to try as soon as I can get one.

    (I might eventually get round to trying some of these beauty tips as well!)

    1. Hi Helen Mae, please let me know what you thought of the recipe! I would love to know!

      (and ofcourse when you try one of the beauty tips!)

    2. We really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing!


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