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September 25, 2014

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As you all know I am terribly buzy moving house, so this blog is more quiet than usual. We have been doing so for 6 days in a row and my, my, my ... you do realize, whilst moving house, that a person has so much stuff you forgot about! And moving the big things is not even the worst ... it's the small things that are a pain in the ass! Not even moving the laundry machine was that bad (which had to be carried downstairs in a very narrow and small hallway - and Ben and my brother in law Alexander are both almost 2 meters!)

Our new house is only a minute away from our old one, so that's quite in our advantage. I am so, so, so happy with our new house; it's so sophisticated. It's a huge upgrade from what we had before, which was a 2 room apartment for the ridiculous rental price of €700 a month. In our new home, we have so much more space for less money, and the house is in a very good shape, too, which was definitely not the case with our former apartment.

Sadly we cannot leave our former house without problems - as I'd already expected. It was privately rented from a restaurant owner and that was a huge mistake in the first place. He is short of money and desperately needed our money. This man is very vile and also quite agressive - also to his staff. He's trying to annoy us in all possible ways, as some sort of revenge for us leaving. He refuses to pay us our rental deposit - even though we have not damaged anything - contractual or physical.

When we moved in, he delivered the house upholstered, but with a wooden floor that was never meant to be used as a floor for people to live on - and it was terribly installed. The house was skew, so the floor was installed with many cracks. Very unprofessional. But the floor being so terrible, meant that when you dropped something, it gave damage to the floor. When you tried to clean it, it left white marks and even the bottom pattern of our tapestry was imprinted in the floor. It looks, indeed, horrible, but ... it falls under 'user damage' and with that he is not allowed to keep our rental deposit. He accused Ben of hammering with a hammer in the floor for fun. Which is really hysterical, especially when Ben made a sarcastic remark like "oh yes that is what I love to do in my leisure time." Our landlord also said that we were not allowed to drill holes in the walls because the apartment is a national monument. The contract said that, he said. Which is false ... the contract mentions nothing about drilling holes in the walls. And yes, the huge bakery oven is a monument, as is the front of the house .. but the walls were 1980s drywalls. Nothing monumental about that *lol*. When we said that to him, he became again very agressive. We know the contract inside out, but it appears our landlord does not, as this is not the first time that he lies(?) to us about things mentioned in the contract. I suspect him to just yell things and accuse to scare or annoy us. We are not stupid and ofcourse hired someone for us to check it out and make sure that we were right. And we are. With everytime the landlord came to inspect the house, we made sure to have a third party involved (to whom he acted very rude.)

When we still lived there, he also sneaked into our apartment when we were away -  so it was unbeknownst to us. We found out about it, when we found writing stuff that did not belong to either of us. Now, different than in the US, entering apartments which are let, is not allowed in the Netherlands. He is not even allowed to have a key.

Now, the 30th we have to give him back the keys and he our rental deposit. I think it'll give much problems and it will become a lawsuit. I'll let you know!

Our New Home
Our new house is also a national monument again (and luckily we are allowed to drill holes ;-)), with a Holocaust history. I am absolutely smitten with our new house; it feels good and although I suffer stress from moving house, I feel much calmer already. Our former landlord creeped me out big time, so that sure has a lot to do with it.

I promised pictures of our house, but for now it'll be only "sneak peak" photos, and the rest will come when we fully decorated it.

This is only half our living room (and the first box that we moved haha). I am standing in the middle of the living room. Behind me is much more space and are 3 huge windows with beautiful window sills, so it's quite a neat space. The little passage leads to a cute hallway, which leads to the kitchen. The hallway will be decorated with our old Hollywood autographs.

These are the stairs that leads downstairs to the main entry. Around the corner is the door and stairs that leads to our creepy basement from the Middle Ages.

This is what our gorgeous window sills look like. So stunning. I love beautiful window sills.

That's all for now folks! I promise to update as soon as possible and hopefully with a fully decorated house!

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  1. Love that quote :). Wow, it sounds like you're having a slightly crazy yet wonderful time. Love the silly stories and the photos of your wonderful house. Have fun!!

    1. It's lovely isn't it!? Sadly I don't know the author!

      Thanks for your sweet comment!

  2. Hang in there Lindsay dear! Moving house is always stressful, but soon you will have a lovely decorated abode to cozy up in! (Pictures please!) ;) Tell that bugger of a landlord he can stuff it! Erin xx

    1. Thank you sweetheart! Usually I can let the stress slip off of me but with this bugger of a landlord it's a tad more difficult. Thanks for your kind comment! xxxx

  3. Ugh, wat een gedoe! Alsof verhuizen op zichzelf niet al stressvol genoeg is! Nouja, nog even volhouden en dan ben je er gelukkig van af. Ik ben heel erg benieuwd naar jullie nieuwe huisje als het af is! Succes met de vervelende (ex)huisbaas!

    1. Dankjewel Renée, dat is erg lief van je!


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