My Beauty Hint: Adrienne Ames [ Weekly Feature ]

August 17, 2014

[ A D R I E N N E   A M E S ]

"My beauty hint is to wash your face with soap and water, just as grandmother did. However, the best water for the face is "soft, " such as rain or distilled water. Hard water may be softened with borax or baking soda. After washing my face with mild soap and warm water, I follow with a cold rinse. Warm water is an excellent cleaner, but repeated applications of hot water, hot towels or steam tend to over-relax the pores, I find."

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  1. wow, I didn't know her , she was so gorgeous!!! And those eyes!
    p.s.:Lindsay let me say I saw your picture with your new hair color and you are sooooo beautiful!It suits you perfectly,well done girl!Love it!

    1. Thank you so much!!! :-D That's lovely to hear!

  2. This is my personal approach, too. I'm a total - to borrow a popular mid-century term - soap and water girl, too.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. When I am in a hurry, it usually is also my approach. Ofcourse with soap that is suitable for the face, otherwise my whole face feels as if it's on fire.



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