Inspirational: Beach and Summer looks

August 09, 2014

As much as I would love to have a walk at the beach today, I sadly can't. I thought a couple of posts ago that I was on the mend from a heavy cold, but I fell back in a more "severe" state of illness where I am floored by what is known as "The Norovirus". Not life threatening (although it really feels like it for me in my current state), but it is a nasty virus that makes you terribly ill for two - four days, or so. I have a ridiculously low resistance, so I am not surprised I fell victim. But anyhoo, it's highly contagious, and that means that going to the beach is not an option, unless I want to cause a pandemic (I wouldn't be the first though: in Noord Brabant, NL, a whole vacation park got ill with this virus.)

So, no beach walk for me as you see. Instead, I will just drool over the beautiful summer & beach fashion of my favorite era's (and running to the toilet every now and then.) 

The outfit that Dorothy Lamour sports above, is an outfit that I'd wear when taking a ride with my boyfriend through the country (ofcourse in style with the DKW F 5 Front Deluxe Cabriolet 2-seated, 1937) taking with us a picnic basket and drive, driiiive ... with no specific direction and see where we would end. Oh, I would love that so much!

For this summer, I love long dresses with big prints and floppy sunhats, but I am also smitten with high waist, cream trousers and turbans. I love the print of Anita Page's (above) dress, in combination with the floppy sunhat.

I lóve the buttoned high waist pants and top pictured above. These look great on the beach.

The outfit Fay Wray wears pictured above is totally me. I love the summer-y floral print and the huge hat. Great for a summer party.

I LOVE blouses that you can tie as some sort of sash belt, and I love it particularly combined with white, airy clothing, such as the woman wears above. This summer, for me, is all about sash belts in the most colorful scarfs, too, worn on simplistic clothing. I also love her hairdo by the way. 

The woman in the intro picture also wears a sash belt; it adds so much more glamour to a simple outfit. Don't you think?

I am so in love with the outfit pictured above and to me, it is so much more elegant than the tiny fabrics that are about to expose people's genitals. "The tinier the better" is what people seem to think when going to the beach. Well, each to its own ofcourse, but I would be happy wearing the beach pajama above. It looks kind of sexy, too, right?

As for a bathing suit? Well, this one absolutely does it for me :-)

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  1. And just like that, I want (need? :)) overalls/dungarees for the beach. They're super cute and would probably hold up really well for years of wear and tear in the sun and sand to boot.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes I think they will. I would LOVE to have one even though I rarely go to the beach. But just in case ... because they are so cute :-)


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