Hints for summer beauty

Of first importance in maintaining summer comfort and summer beauty, is to drink lots of water. We are told that atleast eight glasses of water each day is necessary to thoroughly purge our system of impurities and to give the system its necessary amount of water. During the hot summer months even more water than this should be taken each day.

One of nature's methods of cooling the body so that it does not become overheated in hot weather, is letting the pores exude moisture which we call perspiration. The constant expelling of this moisture keeps the body cooled and so those individuals who perspire in hot weather are more comfortable and consequently more attractive than those who don't perspire.

There are two advantages to drinking lots of water in summer. The first is that it helps to promote perspiration and the second is that large quantities of water keeps the perspiration odorless, which is of intrinsic value to the dainty woman.

Limes, oranges and lemons can be brought into use for ades, thus making the water diet more palatable as well as beneficial. Limes and lemons have a tendency to cool the blood which is advantageous during hot weather and they help to keep the weight down. Lemons are splendid to keep the complexion clear and lovely, so once again we get the beauty benefit as well as the health benefit.

Hands are apt to swell a little in very hot weather and to become red. Both conditions mar the beauty of the hands. A partial remedy for this is found remembering not to swing the arms vigorously when walking and not let them hang straight down at the sides than can be helped. The tendency when the hands hang down is for an excess amount of blood to go to them, making them red.

If you can find a way of avoiding this you've partly solved the red-hand problem. Then, again, never wash your hands in very hot water if they are inclined to swelling and redness in hot water. Use tepid water, rinse them in cold water, and pat them dry instead of rubbing.


  1. Hello Lindsay.
    This post is great, and ever so true.
    Water is the most important thing (not only in the summer). Our doctor keeps telling everyone: at least 3 liters of liquid per day - and try to make the most of it water.
    As a matter of fact, I have the problem will swollen hands and feet. It's not pleasant, some days I can't take my rings off.

    Oh, yes:
    I'm sorry I haven't been around. I have been somewhat occupied by another things (one person, in particular)... :)


    1. Oh that's ok, don't worry! There's more than just the world wide web! I hope it's something positive though!

  2. You know, this isn't the first vintage beauty article I've seen over the years that talked about not swinging one's arms rather wildly. Really, I wonder, was that something many folks (let alone women) actually did back then? Surely, not, I'd imagine.

    ♥ Jessica


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