Greta Garbo's Beauty Secrets - About her complexion and famous long eyelashes

Greta Garbo, who is one of the most beautiful of the beauties prevalent in Hollywood today, when asked what particular charm keeps her flawless skin so perfect, announced a daily scrubbing with a good complexion brush. Nothing more exotic than that.

"In my country, Sweden, says Miss Garbo, "we do not use cold creams as much as in America. It sounds strange to American ears, I know, but good soap and plenty of water, and a small scrubbing brush  -- that is the best skin medicine and cosmetic."

"At night before retiring I remove all traces of make up, then give my face a scrubbing. Then I give the skin a  breathing space by going to sleep with no powder or cream to close the pores."

"Any girl may have long thick lashes if she will give them the proper care," advises Miss Garbo, "and, incidentally, they require as great care as the hair, hands or complexion. The two factors I've found important in encouraging their growth are nourishment and stimulation. Yellow oxide of mercury is best for nourishment. Rub it into the lashes each night before retiring. It also may be used to remove powder from the lashes after making-up by those who find mascara too obvious."

"Vaseline may be used instead of this preparation. For stimulation, form a habit of pulling the lashes gently with the thumb and first finger, pulling out the loose hairs. Don't pull too strongly, for it will break down the tissues of the eyelids. Further, brush the lashes each night with a soft eyelash brush, always brushing upward for the upper ones and downward for those beneath, encouraging a graceful sweep of the lashes." 


  1. Wow, I'm not a chemist or doctor, but I can't imagine that anything with the word "mercury" in its name can be safe to put around the eyes, let alone on the skin. She did have stunning lashes, its true, but was it worth the risk?

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I definitely don't want to give it a shot, too, but Greta quite aged gracefully. Who knows what we're missing with not using it ;-).

      But no, no I don't dare to try it.

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  3. Maybe mercury was taking it a step far, but it was the 20s & 30s. My suggestion would be castor oil for your lashes. Greta knew exactly what she was doing.

  4. Sometimes studios would write articles with the stars name and the star had nothing to do with it. She very rarely did interviews. She also was learning English and this article seems too perfect for Greta to have said. Here's a page that suggests she said she used Lavender.


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