Focussing on an autumn wardrobe, which is in harmony with my haircolor

August 24, 2014

[ © Fashion by Lena Hoschek ]

With my new auburn hair, I like to focus on different colors in my makeup and my wardrobe. Colors that will suit my red locks best. I love harmony, so my wardrobe has colors that matched my platina hair wonderfully, but don't look so swell with my current hair color. I do have to add that I don't always think in this manner, cause sometimes when I see a dress that is just drop dead gorgeous, I buy it and my hair color (and usually wallet, too) is the last thing on earth I think of.

But where I would wear navy blues, emerald greens and burgundy hues in autumn and winter when I was a platinum blonde, I will now shift my color palette to more earthy tones like pumpkin, chestnut brown, dark browns, oxblood red, melon yellow, aubergine and terra cotta.

For autumn, I always like my lips a darker red. But I will go for ox blood red or burgundy and also dark or earthy-toned eyeshadows for these upcoming colder seasons. I think it will look beautiful with my dark red hair. I love the effect of oxblood red lips and nailpolish in combination with my super white skin; very sophisticated!

Oxblood red lips © image source

The intro photo with the ladies wearing gorgeous bygone era inspired fashion by fashion designer Lena Hoschek ( do have a look at the website cause it features the wonderful Idda van Munster ) is a real inspiration for my quest in collecting and investing in a autumm/winter wardrobe. Lena's autumn/winter fashion line of 2012/2013 (I am always behind with fashion) actually shows all that I am looking for, though I will be searching for original vintage.

© Lena Hoschek

In autumn and winter I mostly wear berets, but these were always just black. For this autumn and winter I'll be on the hunt for pumpkin, brown and aubergine colored berets.

I have also bought two 1920s/1930s capes for the colder days, to be worn when it is just a little too hot to wear a coat, but too cold to go without one. These capes will get their own post on this blog very soon!

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  1. Ooh i like this post. These are some of the best modern fashion images for autumn ive seen yet. Fall colors are my favorite, so i cant wait.

    1. Gorgeous isn't it? I am preparing myself for autumn already, cause I think summer won't come back anymore. We suffer autumn weather for a couple of days now.

  2. This post makes me yearn for cool Autumn days, where the leaves turn to shades of gold and red, and crunch under our feet. I too look forward to cozy vintage pieces, and the richer hues of fall. As always, your blog is perfection. I wish we lived closer to one another ;) Erin xx

    1. I would like that só much, Erin! Shopping at vintage shops, having tea etc! Yes, that would be lovely!


  3. Fall's colour palette is my very favourite of the year and, fortunately, it suits me better than any of the others (IMO - summer's would be a close second), so the moment after Labour Day wraps up (and occasionally even before then), I slip into all manner of pumpkin, cocoa brown, eggplant, rust, gold, pine green. copper, midnight blue, and similar shades until the Christmas lights come up in December. It's such a powerfully beautiful, majestic palette and I can already picture it looking sensational with your new hair colour, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. You name some beautiful colors, and I might add them on my palette and search for them!


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