Fashion Friday: Styles for Summer Sirens [ Weekly Feature ]

.. by the dawns early light ..."
To be seen in the best early-morning swim circles: This four-piece outfit designed by Mabs and worn by Rita Hayworth of Columbia's "You'll never get Rich." You take your before-sunrise dip in fitted lastex trunks and bra top; then you switch on a circular scarlet shirt, zip yourself in a fitted white lastex jacket and win any tennis court you choose.
"... and the rockets' red glare ..."
Explosive addenda for a picnic in this pastel plaid slack suit designed by Connie Foster to be worn by a girl like Rita Hayworth. The secret behind this number-one summer sports outfit lies in three cardinal points: First, the fit - a sleeky tailored line that gives you a one-in-a-million figure; second, the pockets, large patch ones that make the suit a somebody; third, the hand-stitching on the trousers and jacket, sure sign of the "good goods" anywhere.
" ... Bombs bursting in air ..."
Resounding note in the summer fashion air is gabardine; smooth example is this belted gold coat dress of that up-and-coming material. You'll hang one like this in your closet right away because the brown buttons travel so smartly down the front; because the notched collar and fake flap pockets are two new high signs in the summer fashion picture: and because when you wear it you'll feel exactly the way Rita Hayworth looks.
"... the land of the free ..."
Product of the international democratic spirit is Miss Hayworth's white crepe Bagheera dinner dress that gives a distinctive bow to Grecian influence. Definite "look-sees" in this Robert Kalloch model are the unusual side draping and the black lace epaulets that match the wider-than-wide lace belt. Lovely to look at, nice to have, is the Paradise fox.

"... In the twilight's last gleaming ..."
A pretty picture at the cocktail hour is this white crepe street dress with cool-looking navy in a suggested plastron  treatment on the bodice and set-in squares on the sleeve - a perfect outfit to take care of the fresh-as-a-daisy business.

© Photoplay 1941 


  1. Be still my vintage adoring heart, that last dress is sensational. I sooo love and would completely wear it in a heartbeat!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes that one is divine! But I just LOVE the one above that! <3


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