Fashion friday: The first fall evening fashion [ Weekly feature ]

Carole Lombard has an innate flair for smart clothes --- and no one knows better how to design them for her than Travis Banton. This stunning evening gown which Carole wears in "Brief moment," is particularly interesting for its use of fringe and for the hipline belt. Dramatic isn't it? White crepe and long fringe to animate both skirt and shawl-like scarf, the latter being so cleverly attached to the narrow shoulder straps. Worn in a gay night club sequence.

So simple --- yet how much real chic is sewed into this pale pink satin gown which Carole wears (left) in "Brief Moment." Travis Banton thought up that flattering square neckline and amusing tails in back made by wide straps.

Lilian Harvey (right) brought her own designer, Strassner, with her from Europe, and you will see his first creations in "My Lips Betray." This is one, a black velvet evening wrap with the startling contrast of white ermine sleeves -- fluted velvet epaulets.

It's not too "schoolgirl" to be smart, yet it is just young enough to be a perfect school outfit. Strassner designed it for Lilian Harvey (left) to wear in "My Lips Betray." The starched Eton collar in linen and the brief cape are grand toppers for the simple checked tweet frock. Slim, straight lines in skirt. This has been copied with long sleeves making it ideal for chilly days.

And another grand school number -- this trim suit with a tie silk printed blouse. Bengaline, an old favorite that is being revived this fall, is the fabric Sharon Lynne (right) took this from her personal wardrobe so that you might have a copy of it for yours. Wide lapels and a novel double breasted closing for the jacket. Blouse collar and cuffs are worn outside the jacket.

Amid tropical orchids and the eerie call of wild jungle birds -- that will be the setting of Dolores del Rio's next picture "Green mansions." After her glamorous island scenes in "Birds of Paradise" with Joel McCrea, RKO radio discovered a new screen team and the Latin star was scheduled for a South American picture. "Muchas Gracias, Senora," say we all.


  1. This are some seriously, ravishingly chic 1930s looks. The wee little capelet in the third to last image is especially calling out to me.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. beautiful clothes indeed!Love the elegant and femenine lines !
    P.s.: Dolores Del Rio hat is one of the prettiest thing I've ever seen in my life!How perfect is it?!?!?!


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