Warm weather beauty tips 1934

The whole secret of summer loveliness and charm is looking cool and feeling cool. Never have clothes lent themselves better to this purpose than this year, it seems to me. Soft, big hats, lovely fabrics and gay sandals all help you create a picture of summer beauty. But actually feeling cool is another matter. So, taking a big lesson from the Hollywood stars, I give you some practical suggestions for feeling like the proverbial cucumber or crisp lettuce leaves even when the thermometer is at ninety degrees above. 

The summer bath is all-important. Whether you use tub or shower, you will get more cooling results from tepid water than you will from cold, although that cold is a great temptation when you're just too hot to breathe. If you choose a tub, do avail yourself of some of those delightful bath salts, water softeners and perfumers, as well as those bath oils that make a bath a luxury and leave you feeling soft, cool and fragrant for hours after.
If you take a shower, one of the stars has discovered that you can still use a bath perfume to advantage. After she has dried herself, she takes a drop or two of the perfumed oil on her damp bath-cloth and rubs this well over her body. The perfume will cling for hours.

No one should be without a toilet water or can de Cologne in summer. They are the greatest revitalizers I know. After you have dried yourself from the bath, pour a few drops into the palm of your hand and rub lightly over your whole body. These lotions give you a smooth, tingling feeling that is delightful. Use dusting powder generously and be sure you are heat-proof for hours to come. Many dusting powers now come in flesh tints, which avoids powder lines between face and neck. For safety you may need a spray or dab of your favorite deodorant or non-perspirant, and you are ready for fresh, soft underthings.
If you are going into the country, or anywhere in fact, inhabited by moshquitoes, here's another Hollywood tip. Use your eau de Cologne or toilet water well down over the legs and ankles. Only the moshquitoes will not like you when thus laved, and this precaution will spare you their annoying bites.

Hair is our next consideration. You must keep it extra immaculate in summer, because normal perspiration around the hair line and on the scalp can soon flatten and deaden its appearance. If you use cream for cleansing your face, be very careful to remove every bit around the hair line with a bit of cotton dampened in face tonic. When you go away for weekends or vacation, it's very good idea to carry with you one of those waterless shampoo's. They cleanse very perfectly and will not remove your wave. 

And here is something everyone, even men, should remember about salt water bathing. Regardless of the caps we may wear, the hair invariably gets wet. If you let it dry with salt water on it, you do your hair great harm. The trick is to give it a good clear water rinsing as soon as possible. This removes the salt and will keep your hair in good condition generally, regardless of oceans.
If you can possibly wear your hair off the face, summer is the time. It creates a cool, cameo-cut line, particularly lovely on the younger person. Or, if you must have fullness at the sides, try to keep that line smooth and clear cut. Wild, fluffly hair is charming when you're lying about on a beach or riding a bicycle in the country. But ungroomed hair in town or with conventional clothes is not a smart touch anymore.
Nails are another matter that need special attention in summer. Salt water and outdoor life cause them to misbehave if you aren't careful. Cuticle oil or cream will help you keep them in good condition. Even a new polish remover is now made with oil, to give the nails every possible benefit of this beautifier. Watch your lacquer in summer, too. As your hands begin to get that outdoor color, you can use a deeper tone. It is gay, in good taste and will do good things for your hand skin that is getting darker. And don't forget your toes. Even if you won't go in for lacquering - and you should if you follow fashion's dictates - do give them the care you would your fingers. With the summer sandals and occasions for the beach bathing, it is much to your advantage to have every bit of you as lovely as possible.
I've purposely left your face until now, because there's a lot to say about that. Liquid powder or a good foundation is the first step  in thwarting the inroads of summer. Apply this generously to the face, neck, arms and whatever part of the body is exposed. You can use plenty of it if you will be careful to smooth and spread it evenly. Ida Lupino uses a soft sponge in the picture, which is a good idea. If you will dampen it first, squeeze out all the water, then apply the liquid, it works even better. The same goes for absorbent cotton - which, by the way, is one of your best allies for many purposes.
Two steps by which Ida Lupino keeps her skin freckleless.
First, a covering of dark, liquid powder used on a sponge.
Second, Ida coats generously with a sun-tan powder.
Water will wash away powder but not the good base.

If you happen to apply too much liquid powder or foundation, take a cleansing tissue and blot it up. Don't try to rub it away, for then it will streak and look uneven. Now, over this skin coating, press on plent of powder. Evelyn Venable offers the sensible solution of putting on even too much, then brushing the surplus away with a powder brush or any very soft brush. 

You now have a protection that will work on any skin, but is especially advisable for sensitive skin. If you are a brunette, you may want just the right degree of tan. And to some faces it unquestionably is a charming touch. For you dark-heads, then, use a suntan oil with or without powder, until your skin is just the shade you want. You will get better results if you will expose yourself by timing, giving your skin a little more sun each day, then go in for general protective routine. Otherwise you will get that dark, unbecoming shade which is hard to bleach away when you're ready for darker costumes.
A Hollywood tip for a copper-y skin tone, Raquel Torres  puts in
a few drops of iodine in face bath, soaks her face well and applies
mineral or olive oil before exposure. Sun then gives a golden-brown tint

Unless summer has dried your skin excessively you will find that the best warm-weather cleansing method is the cream and soap-and-water way. Use both. There is nothing like cream for removing make-up, and there is nothing like soap and water for that perfectly clean feeling.

Then, if your skin seems a little tight or dry, use a nourishing cream or oil, but don't leave it on too long. When you remove it, use a good skin tonic or plenty ice-cold water. This water is a wonderful natural astringent and is refreshing and refining. Summer make-up is very important. My first tip is always to remove old make-up if possible before putting on new. Make-up "cakes" on the face more readily in summer than in cooler weather, and if you put new on over old, not only does it dim the fresh, lovely effect you should have from your artistic touches, but it is not good for your skin, no matter how pure your cosmetics. Naturally, few of us have time for a thorough cleansing routine throughout the day, but a liquid cleanser for in-between use is splendid.

It will rid you of that old make-up in a hurry and if you use it correctly, it will just leave a bit of dampness to the skin which will serve as foundation for the fresh powder. This in-between cleansing is particularly important to girls who work. It will keep you far more attractive looking all the time and is a wonderful preventive for the usual skin ailments of blackheads, large pores, etc. many of which result from faulty cleansing.

For make-up, there are just two places for decided effect - eyes and lips. Use even less rouge in summer than you do in winter. Your face usually has more natural color in warm weather, and too much rouge gives a heated, florid look.

With eyes, you must be very careful. The best day tricks are a tiny bit of shadow spread over the upper lid and a touch of mascara. The water-proof mascara leave you confident that dampness around the eyes will not make it run. This is a good thing to know, too, if you want to come out of the ocean with lashes instead of dark streaks about the eyes.

For evening, ofcourse, you can resort to your eyebrow pencil for making the eyes appear longer at the outer corners, or for accenting the lid along which the lower lashes grow. But for the latter, be sure that a dark lashline under the eye is becoming. On many, it gives a heavily made up look, anything but attractive.

Summer lipstick should be bright and soft looking. It should create the idea that summer is making you glow with good health and color. A dark, dull lipstick will not do this. Most of the lipsticks are so permanent now, that I do not need to tell you they will stay on while in bathing. Most cream rouges are the same, too, so that the modern mermaid emerges from the ocean as lovely as when she went in. In summer, it is especially advisable that your powder be your own skin tint. You need more powder in summer, and if it's too light or too dark, you will not be in step with present-day beauty standards.

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  1. Perfume applied directly to your towel when you get out of the shower (or bath) is such a fantastic idea! I'm going to do that from now on.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Yes, that one stuck out to me aswell and ofcourse I had to try it. I tried it with 4711 and it worked wonderfully. Really refreshing.

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